How to Torture Your Victim With Household items

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Aha! I don’t know how you made it or why you did it, but for some reason you got yourself a human inside a house that you have to get some information from. And the best way to do that is of course – torture! Unfortunately, our “civilized” culture doesn’t give you any items for torture so you’ll have to improvise…

This file can be used anytime. It requires that you have strapped the “victim” (haha) to a chair or equal preventing him from escaping when the light turns red.


Your house is full of chemicals! Many of them are dangerous and can be used to achieve pain. Some examples: Ammonia, very strong and painful. Put a glass under his nose and make him smell it. He will probably be poisoned after a short while. Alcohol: Ahh…force him to drink things that makes him go drunk. When the liquid cabinet is empty, use common perfumes, roll-on, after-shave…all of them contains alcohol. Strong acids: Can be found in the basement. Give him a shower.

     2. THE SAUNA

Got yourself a sauna in the house? Great. Turn it on at maximum effect and throw the victim inside. He will talk in a few hours and drop dead after a few more. If your sauna got a good ventilating system, the floor can be rather cold so nail him to a chair to be sure of 100% effect. If he won’t talk anyway, open the door and burn his body to the hot stones. Talking about burning it leads us to…

     3. THE OVEN

Well…I guess you know what to do. Turn on the oven and place his head inside it and keep it there until he speaks. Me and my friend tried a rather advanced method last year, when we needed to know where our neighbor had his money. We placed his new-born child in the oven and turned it on. He talked quick. But we didn’t really care about the money, we just wanted to have some fun. We forced his wife to eat the dead child afterwards. Ha, good ol’ days.


This one is also very fun. Empty the fridge and remove all shelves. Place the victim inside and wait…This is actually more painful than the sauna trick.


This is a classic method used all over the world. Speak calm to the victim, offer him a smoke etc… When he has gotten real cool press the cigarette onto his hand, face or why not into one of his eyes. The lighter can be used to burn parts of his face or if you are real cruel – his scrotum. Acetone is often used to remove nail polish. This burns quicker than gasoline which means that it is very easy to control. Smear his throat with it and light him up. His face will soon turn black.


The power in a common lamp is enough to kill a human after a few minutes. The easiest way to get a good and secure stungun is to remove the glass bulb from a lamp. Now you got two metal strings sticking out and when these two are placed against a body – zap! Another version is to throw the victim into a bathtub and dip the “stungun” into the water.

    7. WATER

This is also very classic. Fill a bucket of water and press the victims head into it. You can also use the bathtub. Begin with 30 sec then advance to minutes.


If you don’t want to hurt your victim you can tie him to a chair and destroy his possessions in front of him. Begin with the ordinary garbage like the TV, VCR etc etc If he doesn’t talk, destroy things that might mean something to him. Old photos, books, diskettes…


Kitchen-knives? Just give him some light wounds over the body and watch his scared face when he realizes that the pain is his last problem. His life drains away when the blood begin to drip… If you don’t want him to die, give him some scars and then use salt in the wounds. Place nails on painful areas: In the ass, in his eyes, on his dick, in his mouth etc etc

    10. BB GUNS

Oh, BB guns are painful! Even the crappiest one gets cool when you begin to shoot your victim from a close range. Aim for his face. The little nasty bullets penetrates the skin and stays there. When he screams, place one into his mouth. And for gods sake, don’t forget his eyes!

    11. THE STEREO

This method is probably the most effective one of you really want to hurt your victim. It will make him go mad, take away his pride, splat his brain and turn him into a vegetable after a few hours. Turn on maximum volume and force him to listen to Michael Jackson, New Kids, Bob Geldoff or Magnus Uggla. This should be enough for you to get some own ideas. Remember! You house is full of nasty things! Who needs advanced equipment? No one! A final hint: If possible, use your victims house. You don’t want to turn your OWN house into a mess, do you?

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