Real Cannibal Confessions: A Day in the Life of Rob Bernitt

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

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Hello. My name is Rob Bernitt, and I am a cannibal. I survive by being one; by eating delicious food. And the only thing I eat is females.

Yes, it is illegal. Yes, it is considered by the majority of the people to be horrible and disgusting. But we’re out there.

I honestly don’t believe that it is such a crime to eat delicious meals, and trust me, they are delicious meals. I believe that this is a free country, and that cannibals should be given rights, too.

Anyway, here are some of my true accounts of my experiences at being a cannibal.
Chapter One: Ashley

I sit in wait.

Ashley comes around the corner, her petite figure delicious in the sunlight. Her milk-chocolate brown hair moves gently in the breeze. There is no one around.

Silently, I move up behind her, one hand covering up her mouth, stifling the screams that come. I take the chloroformed cloth out of my coat pocket and cover it over her face.

Slowly she begins to pass out in my arms, and she is mine for the taking. I carry her to my car, place her in the backseat, cover her up with a blanket, and shut the door. No one saw this, it was 1:40pm, and the schoolyard is deserted save for the group that Ashley was in inside the school building.

Ashley is just eighteen, a senior in high school.


Ashley woke up, the pain clouding her head. Where was she? She could only remember the feeling of terror, the feeling of extreme panic in the few seconds before the blackness had melted her into a sea of unconsciousness.

She felt extreme discomfort, and in a split second realized that she was naked.

Suddenly her mind was fully awake and her eyes open wide. She was in a guillotine! Yes, it was a homemade version of a guillotine, true, it was a cross between a dinner table and a guillotine,  but her head was locked tight inside the hole, and she was lying on her back, stark naked.

What did this man/woman want with her? If she had been the viewer instead of the experiencee, she would have seen that there was a basket placed carefully under her head on the floor, and there was blood on it’s rims.

Then I was beside her, my excitement and her fear strong in the air. “Hi Ashley,” I said, smiling in the dim light, strong in her nightmare. Then she recognized him. She had waited on me at her job as a waitress at the local McDonalds, and had stopped to chat with me every once in a while. I had said that his name was Rob, I was 22, and worked down at Mediaplay.

Now she wondered if any of the information I had told her in those casual conversations was true.

“What do you want?” Her voice shook with fear at the intensity in his eyes.

“I want you, Ashley.”

“What do you want? Sex?” Her fear seemed to dissolve a little bit, because she was positive that this man, however nice he had seemed, was only a freak out for some sort of bizarre sex.

I would fuck her in his precious guillotine, then drop her off on some street corner, and let her go. I would run off to some obsolete country where the police would never ever catch me, after Ashley told them her experience.

After. Her head started to pound as she realized in advance what she had to go through.

“I’ll let you know what I want later,” said I. “Right now, I would like a blowjob. You know what a blowjob is, Ashley?”

“Yes. Yes of course.” She licked her lips as I came around to the front of the guillotine, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my dick.

Her smooth red lips wrapped around it, drawing it in. Her nose jabbed into his balls as I fucked her mouth, which I actually seemed to enjoy. She tongued my member, caressing it, and brought me to orgasm, shooting his load into her mouth, her almost choking on it.

Most of it ended up around her mouth and on her face. She licked the cum from around her mouth, and I produced a cloth and wiped the rest of it off.

“Wow,” he said. “That was a fantastic blowjob. But right now what I need most of all is a good fucking, in the back door.”

“Really,” Ashley said. “After all that?” She was blown away by how fast I recovered, but of course, how fast men recovered always blew her away. It was one of life’s mysteries to women.

“Yeah,” I said, moving to the end of the table where her ‘back door’ was, and dropped my pants again.

Roughly, I entered her. I fucked the living hell out of her. She was moaning all over the place, and waves of pleasure and pain flooded over her. She suddenly came, powerful and swift, and her face showed it all. “Stop, I’m finished,” she tried to tell me.

But unfortunately for Ashley, that was the wrong word choice. For I wanted to finish her in a different kind of way. Still screwing her, I reached to the side of the table and unfastened a rope. This rope led to the blade that hung over Ashley’s head. It unfastened it.

Ashley screamed as the blade swung down, fast and yet in slow motion. It chopped Ashley’s head clean off.

Blood poured out from the stump in a steady and powerful stream, hitting the wall, her increased heartbeat due to the intense sex pumping her fluid out of her. Her head tumhemorrhage into the basket.

And strangely, she was still alive. She saw all this, and she heard all this. Ashley’s mind was still awake, and would remain awake for a few more minutes.

As I came to claim my trophy, which would be mounted on the wall beside all his other trophies, I saw her eyes move to glare at me.

“Well, well,” I chuckled. Ashley’s eyes indicated that there was no humor in this situation, I had killed her, couldn’t she see that I had killed her? “It seems that our ‘food’ is still awake.”

Ashley wondered what this meant, but it didn’t really matter, she would be dead in a couple of moments anyway. “Let’s see what a reverse blowjob feels like.”

It was a pure nightmare for her. I screwed her neck, my dick emitting from her mouth. She could feel it sliding up her throat; she could taste the dried cum.

She gave me with her dying mind a last tonguing, a last orgasm as I shot my load all over her tongue. Then she died.

I cleaned off the meat and cut it into sections: leg meat, arm meat, breast brisket, rump meat, and so on. I put an arm, a leg, and a breast into the oven, set it, and started it, smelling the delicious smells of Ashley’s delicious creamy tanned meat cooking. I awaited for my wife.

We had a delicious dinner that night

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