Running a Successful and Profitable Illegal Gambling Ring

Saturday, May 27th, 2017


Opening a gamble ring can be VERY profitable, but you will face 2 problems:

1.)The Organized Crime will not like others cutting into to this very profitable and illegal business, they may hurt you badly, or you may be among the many others who were given cement shoes and thrown in the  river or lake!

2.)You face the problem of being busted for illegal gambling and lots of fines, legal costs, and jail time.



You are going to need to be a bad ass, because you will need to collect the bets from people who lost and are not paying you. You will have to instill  fear in them and bust a couple of there bones. If you have problems doing this you can always hire someone to work under you to do this dirty work. You will still have to be tough fucker to kick some ass if some of the people that work under you if they begin to steal money or try to open their own gambling ring. You also need to break apart any competition that you may have.


You need to have enough money to cover all the bets people place with you. You should have enough to sustain atleast a month or two of straight losses that you have to pay out. You also need a weapon, preferably a gun, along with some body guards, so that the large sums of money that you collect is safe if somebody trys to rob your gambling ring. You also need LOTS of people to work under you. The people should be honest, trustworthy, and loyal to you. They need to have enough connections or know a lot of people that they can take bets  from. The persons that work for you should carry a vow of silence, this means if the cops bust them they keep their mouth shut and don’t tell the cops
or feds anyone else’s names in the gambling operation. You also should have a car phone for each person that collects bets. You would have a better gambling ring, and smoother operation if you operated it on your computer with a good gambling program or database.


There are many types of gambling. You can choose one or more forms. Each will have its advantages and disadvantages.

Pool Squares
This is probably one of the safest and easiest forms of gambling. You take a game, say for instance a football game and draw 100 boxes, 11 boxes wide and 11 boxes high You label the Horizontal Team A and the vertical Team B You then reserve the top row for numbers. You also reserve the far left vertical column for numbers. Now charge people $20 a box, they writer their name in any of the boxes. You tell them that it’s $20 per box and that there is a  single winner based on the final score of the game wins $1200. You sell all 100 boxes and now put 10 numbers in a hat 0-9. Draw one number at a time and write one number per box in the top row. Place all the numbers back in the hat and do the same for the far left vertical column. These numbers correspond to Team A and Team B. If the  final score of the game is 35-Team A and 6-Team B, you would use the chart and always take the last digit of each team’s score and find the person who has that box. For example find top row 5 and vertical column 6, the person in this coordinate box wins. As long as you sell all of the boxes for each game chart you collect $2,000 total and pay $1200 to a single winner, that leaves you with a nice and easy profit of $800 for about a 1/2 hour worth of work!


This is probably the most popular form of illegal gambling and it works like this.

A person places a bet on what team he thinks will win a  game, Team A or Team B. For him to win the bet he has to meet the spread if it is Team A by 6, he chooses Team A and Team A must beat Team B by atleast 7 points. The payoff is double. The bettor must bet 11-10. So if he wants to win $1000 he bets $1100. If he wins the bet you pay him $1000. If he looses the bet you collect the $1100  that he had bet. You will average a take of about 4.25% over a 1 year betting period. So if a total of $500,000 is bet over a 1 year period, your theoretical take should be 4.25% of $500,000 which comes out to be $21,250. If you take bets of more you will make more than that in a year. Actually $500,000 worth of bets for a year is kind of small for the average gambling ring. A lot of gambling rings take $500,000 worth of bets in a WEEK not a year. Be sure before that you start a Straight Bet gambling ring that you have enough money to cover the bets that are being place with you for a two month period always! Because if you can not pay off the bets that people won you will get your ass kicked if not killed and will not be able to have a gambling ring because no one will place bets with you if you can’t pay off.


Numbers is another profitable type of gambling.

In numbers gambling you employ “runners” that collect bets and numbers from people in different areas. People choose a number from 000 through 999 and write the number on a piece of paper with their name. The runners collect the number paper and money from all the people and drops it off to you. The state lottery pick-3 number drawings each day are used for choosing the winners. You need to pay off better than what the state lotteries do because it would be more profitable to do business with you if you can offer a higher pay off on winning numbers, also people don’t have to pay tax on winnings if  they go through you. State-lotteries pay off 500 to 1 or $500 for a $1 number ticket. You should pay off 600 to 1 or $600 for a $1 winning number ticket. The odds of a person winning is 1000 to 1. So this means that theoretically for every 1000 $1 tickets that you sell there will be one winner. You pay them $600 of the $1000 that you collected in ticket sales. Your profit is $400 for every 1000 $1 tickets that are sold. There is a good point and a bad point for this type of gambling. The good point is that if there is no winner out of those 1000 $1 tickets that you sold you get a $1000 profit! The bad point is that if a lot of people bet on the same number say for example 213, we will say 50 tickets out of the 1000 $1 tickets sold were 213 and the number drawed for that day was 213. You have to pay 50 winners $600 each!

That works out to be $30,000! This takes you with a loss of $29,000 for the day. Usuallly both the good point and the bad point that I have discussed rarely ever happens because there is a set of odds and those are 1000 to 1, very rarely do the number of winners go above 1 for every 1000 or below this number. The exception is when there is a very popular number that people like to bet on, say for instance a number of a sports player, etc., then there will be alot of people betting on the same number, and if this number wins, then you are fucked out of alot of money. So a lot of gambling rings that do numbers have a list of what are called discounted numbers which means that each day they recognize what numbers are very popular and chosen the most and they print a sheet saying that these discounted number are paying half, which would be only 300 to 1 instead of the 600 to 1, this reduces the amount of money needed to pay off the winners if the number wins.


There are tons of other gambling forms that I will not discuss because it would take up to much time and space.If you are interested in other forms or more in the above listed, go to your bookstore, or local library and check out and read as many books as possible on the topic of gambling.



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