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Saturday, April 13th, 2019

This post is contributed by Slipborn from Dread

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Hello beauties,

We’ve been having some issues with a few predatory scammer vendors who think they can use our platform to trick unsuspecting buyers.
I am making good progress hunting down all their accounts, but you still have to be vigilant. There are some simple steps you can take to make sure you never get scammed on Tochka.

If you follow this guide, I guarantee you cannot lose any funds.


First off, we have to know what is expected of Buyers and Vendors in Tochka Marketplace.
We can find this information out by reading the Tochka Vendor Agreement.
Basically, it boils down to:

Buyers and Vendors must ONLY communicate through the PM system on the Market

That is both the Buyers and the Sellers responsibility to enforce, know your rights as a buyer, there is no need to communicate off the market. if someone is being honest with you, why should they hide their communication off-market? It just doesn’t make any sense. We need to be able to look back over communication to settle disputes.

Vendors are NOT ALLOWED to ask for FE (Ever!)

Tochka is an escrow only marketplace. That means that every order is protected by escrow. Higher level members can receive FE from their customers should they choose to give it.

As a customer you should NEVER FE before you have the product in your hands and you are happy with it.
The escrow system is the only thing that keeps your funds safe. Some scam vendors will tell customers they need to release the funds before they will ship the product and that’s just how it works.

No, it’s not how it works, it’s another scam.

Vendors asking for “shipping” costs or any costs after initial purchase is complete.

This is a completely clear sign of a scam vendor trying to milk every last satoshi, there are provisions to charge for shipping within the market framework and there is no reason to charge anything outside of the market apart from scams.

Vendors asking customers to send BTC to ANY wallet address other than the correct one listed on the relevant order on your Orders page.

You have no reason to trust what a vendor says to you, you can see what BTC address you need to send funds to from the Orders page. Whenever a vendor asks you to specifically send money to an address, guess what? Another scam.

Tochka is designed so that you shouldn’t have to trust or rely on anyone apart from us.


The escrow system at Tochka is very similar to anywhere else, but surprisingly a lot of people don’t seem to understand it and allow themselves to be scammed by waiting too long and auto-releasing the escrow funds.
I will break the process down:

The Buyer chooses their Item and Initiates an Order.

The Buyer must then fund the amount displayed on the specific Order page to the EXACT BTC address listed on the EXACT correct page.

This is where some people lose their money by sending it to completely wrong addresses (sometimes even the wrong currency).

Double and then Triple check every field is correct before submitting.

Despite what people believe mistakes with BTC are not easily reversible and if you send your BTC to a wallet that has been deleted already, it’s gone forever.

Take your time, you will regret it later if you pour all your money down the drain because of carelessness.

Make absolutely sure you send ENOUGH BTC
I see many many tickets all with customers who had the fee removed from the transfer amount instead of the wallet balance, causing the amount transferred to be just under, and they are wondering why their order doesn’t progress to Complete! It’s because you haven’t paid silly!

Imagine going into a restaurant and ordering a $10 steak, then when it comes time to pay you give the waitress $9.86, it just doesn’t work like that!

Once paid, the Order status will change to “Completed”

This means the funds are safely in Tochka escrow and we are now waiting for the vendor to accept the Order and dispatch the goods.

You can cancel the transaction yourself any time up until the vendor Dispatches. Once the Order is dispatched, the only way to get your funds back is through Disputes.

Disputes don’t always mean things have broken down between Buyer and Vendor. The only way to “Extend auto-finalization” on Tochka is to Open a Dispute.

This will freeze your funds in escrow until a decision has been made by Staff. Most packages should arrive within 10 days but if it’s coming a very long way or the vendor is scamming by trying to delay you until you forget, you need to open a dispute before the timer runs out.

If you do get your goods before the timer runs out and you are happy with them, then please Release the funds to the vendor immediately.

Please remember 10 days is a very long time in BTC land and due to the volatility of BTC, waiting an extra day to release could cost the vendor 10-20% of their money for the order.


I know this sounds obvious but I feel like I have to say it anyway:

If somethings feels too good to be true, it more than likely is.

No one in their right mind is going to transfer you 12,500 USD in Western Union for a low low fee of 3,725 USD.

Why would anyone do that?

They would have to have legit funds to send anything in the first place you can’t just buy a western union transfer with a stolen CC. It doesn’t make any sense, which is why we can deduce it’s some sort of scam.

I actually know this particular scam and will explain it for your benefit:
This western union scam is one of the oldest in the book. They will send you a MTCN for you to check online, and the WU website will confirm that the transfer exists and is ready for you to collect.  You then transfer the BTC directly to the seller, or he gets you to release the escrow on the market because he will have got you to agree to after confirming on the WU website and feeling all giddy about all that money waiting for you.

While you travel to the nearest western union he has already cancelled the transfer, running off with your BTC and his own money he had to put in the Western Union. It’s a very old trick, please don’t think you can get anything free in life it doesn’t work like that.

So we can also use common sense to conclude that any vendor offering this “service” is definitely a scammer.

Another one is balance transfers.
You think of someone wires you 10,000 USD to your bank account they will just forget about you and not hunt you down?
If you believe that I own a very lovely bridge just off San Fransisco that I could sell you for a good price.

No but seriously guys, just think about everything you do before you do it and remember greed makes people stupid!

Phew, hopefully this will help some of you avoid a nasty situation and in a few weeks this wont be necessary because I hope to have banned all the scammers.

Take care beauties
Much love

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