How to Make Money Illegally Early 2000s Style

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017


1. Offer protection money to the weak people in your neighborhood/school.Its easy,and fun. If they get into a jam,or are just tired of gettin their ass kicked everyday,lend them a “helping” hand.Ask for at least $20 for protection each week and if you arnt a good fighter or just dont wanna waste your strength,pay the dude who kicks his ass $5 to leave him alone so you get $15 for doing nothing!I dont do this cuz i love to fight and i get more money. Keep giving out protection and keep rakeing in cash.

2. Blackmail..ahhh a classic.A pretty good way to earn cash.Bug their house(put these under beds,tables,desks,etc.),hack into their computer,etc.Or just threaten to kick their best freinds ass if they dont tell you some real embarrasing things about our little victim.Then ask for a decent amount of cash that they can actually get and threaten to tell everyone about their little secrets if they tell anyone about the shit you did.Use your imagination to figure out ways to find shit out about your victim.

3. Doing revenge for someone who doesn’t want to take the risk of gettin in trouble is a great way to get a few extra bucks.There are tons of things you could do to the person who fucked with your employer.Charge about $10 for a couple of good paybacks.If you really wanna get some cash,after you get the person back,have them pay you to get your former employer back!Do over and over to get a good amounr of cash!

4. Selling your little “gagets” at school is a good way to make money.Sell explosives,rigged up weapons. Rigged up lighters,texts(ask before you use other peoples texts and NO DISTRIBUTING TO FUCKIN LAMERS!!) Dont get caught doin this or you are in some deep shit.Im talkin bout fuckin juvvy type shit man!And if ya caught giving texts to lamers you are gonna get fucked up.A way to rig up lighters is to take the metal top off,slide up the thing to adjust the flame and get a small knife and keep turnin it up,and then put back to normal when done.Some people will pay up to $15 bucks for one 50 cent lighter!And dont tell people how you rigged up your shit or they will do it themselves and your outta buiesness.

5. Sell lamers peoples phone numbers,like a hot girl in school,teachers,etc.I raked in fuckin $30 just for a fuckin preps phone number.Never really thought of using this for a way to earn money until i started thinkin,but now i realize its a good and easy way.

6. Selling stolen items is a GREAT way to get cash.Sell them to pawn shops.people at school,garage sales,used shops(good will,salvation army),etc.I can guarantee you will make a whole lotta money from this.Go look in my stealing text(stealing2) for some ideas on how to get the shit.

7. Computer geeks in school will actually buy gay ass computer games you downloaded and burned on a cd.You can get $5 for a frogger game! Dont get caught wit this,one of my friends was caught and got in deep shit last year.

8. Go to those big blue mail boxes at about 3:00 at night and break into one,steal all the letters you can get in 30 secs to a minuteNO MORE!!and please,wear fuckin gloves.Do this in christmas time and you got mega fuckin cash.

9. Sell fake raffle tickets.100% profit…and CHEAP!

10. Sell viruses at school…some people there think its sooo cool that you can fuck up someones computer with just one little thing.

11. Make up your own buiesness and have people donate money.Make em belive shit like its to help children with heart problems.

12. Do a lil pick pocketing and get a few peoples credit cards,get their # and sell them,but to some1 you dont know so it cant be traced back to you.

13. While you pickpocketing,take their fuckin money too! 14.Go to your local payphone and dial this:011-871-1101101#.The operator will come on confused and say something like “$32.70 please” or “what are you calling?”If she doesn’t tell you the rate ask her.Its usually $28.00-$33.00 depending on where you are,why so much you ask?Because its a boat and this is the rate!Now hang up.Now call 10288-0 and wait for operator,when she comes on ask for her supervisor.Now read this to get an idea what to say AT&T:Service assistant,how may i help you?

YOU: yes,this is absurd!i called this number and the AT&T operator said it was (whatever the rate was),then she made me put in $3.00 at a time and then connected to call.And then right after the call answered the party was disconnected,and i didnt get my money back(sound angry/aggravated)

AT&T: umm,yea,right.What number did you dial?

YOU: 011-871-1101-101,check the rate!

AT&T:<<shocked>>Ok sir,we will mail you a refund,what is your name and address? YOU: Name & address (go ahead give them yours they have to mail it,FCC rules Section 47 of US Code.

Do this daily from diffrent payphones.VERY good profit and i doubt they will ever catch on. Problems you might run into with this wit the faggot mother fuckers that they call operators:

AT&T: We dont have a call that much,are you sure it was AT&T?

YOU: Yes,it says AT&T the operator said “AT&T,may i help you?

AT&T: I cant make a check that high sir(shes right)

YOU: Can you send two checks for $15 each?(that she can do)

AT&T: Where did you get all the change?

YOU: I dont like being called a liar(sound real pissed),what was your name again?The store here had no problem giving it to me!This is Absurd! After this then they should give ya your money.If they dont then…BITCH,Even go to the FCC,Some operators just dont put in for it. Nearly 90% send your money especially if you are pissed. AT&T issues over 10,000 refunds per week so dont worry bout them adding this all up. And remember: 1.they have no clue how much money is in the pay phone 2.they are required by law to send the refund 3.the only people who get busted are the ones who admit shit. However,this works fine and dont feel bad, AT&T doesnt deserve to profit from their payphones!

15. Get a wardialer at a radio shack type place and dial in one of those “tenth caller wins $1000” radio shows.Do this over and over but not to the same radio station,when you run out of em wait a month or two and do it again.

16. beat up a girlscout sellin cookies,take her money and her cookies,sell the cookies and if people ask tell them your helping your lil sister out.If you see the lil girl you beat up run lika motha fucker before she sees you!

17. Steal peoples gift cards and use them the same day so they dont get deactivated.Buy somethin real cheap and keep the change.

18. Steal some library books and take all the library shit out and sell the books.And if you dont wanna steal them use some1 elses card.

19. Take your older/younger brother/sisters things and sell them to people they dont know or if u wanna see a fight,sell them to their best friends.

20. Do some crazy shit for money,like dares and shit.I once ran into a brick wall for $10. You dont have to do stuff that extreme,just little things here and there.

21. Do peoples homework,or if you dont feel like doin the work,steal someones elses homework and copy it for them and ask for at least $5 for your “hard” work.

22. Rob some old rich people walkin down the street.

23. Break into peoples lockers at school with thermite or a dremel or somethin. Tell your teacher ya got the runs and go out there and do it.that should give you at least 10min.

24. super glue pennies to peoples lockers(the ones with the key hole)and rent him your screwdriver to get it off so he can get in and get his shit.

25. Get a job at a place like 7eleven,get the night shift.When some one goes into buy somethin,act like your typing shit in like ringin up the price but only type shit that doesnt add money up,and when they leave ya got their money(be careful when doin this-most stores have cameras pointin to the register).

26. Become a drug dealer.You aint gotta sell cocaine and shit.Just weed.Go to your local dealer and buy a dime bag.Now sell that bag for $15.Now go back and buy two more.repeat,and after a while you should have a decent amount of weed and cash.

27. Steal peoples cars and sell them to some asshole.(remember,ALWAYS wear gloves).

28. If you really wanna be a big drug dealer,start cookin your own shit.Sell it for a lil bit more than normal price for a lil extra.

29. Fill the locks in the school chem lab,office,and/or media center with contact cement and raid all the shit.Keep all money you find and keep the shit you find or sell it.

30. Kidnap a small child with rich parents!A classic!Be sure you know what you are doing and getting into.Im not gonna explain much more about this cuz of all the info on this topic out there.If you kidnap a kid wit rich parents ask for about $10,000.


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