Handbook of The British Contraband Smuggler Part 1: Fake ID Acquisition

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Handbook of The British Contraband Smuggler Part 1: Fake ID Acquisition

                              PART_1: FAKE ID AQUISITION

                              BY THE ELUSIVE MR.CHEUNG

As an international contraband smuggler it will always be important for you to be in possession of alternative ID. Of all the ID in England, the single most important document – apart from a passport – is a full driver’s license. It is the most common form of ID requested by police or other government official  but a provisional driving license is far easier and quicker to get and in most cases will be enough to satisfy most people. In fact since the full license can take as long as six months it may be the only choice available to you. For the smuggler it isn’t strictly necessary to have a driving license since having a car means more bureaucracy in the UK and greater risks of being caught out. Here is explained how to get hold of the only four forms of ID you really need: the birth certificate, provisional driving license and visitor and or full passport.

The Birth Certificate

Many methods outlining UK fake ID acquisition tend to list the documents out of order. It is most important to select an identity before you go about requesting documents to support it. The best method in England for obtaining an identity is “ghosting”. Basically you take over where a dead person “left off”.

First you have to find a suitable identity to adopt. Suitability is only governed by nationality, sex and most importantly age. The age of the candidate at his or her death should be as young as possible. The best are those under 16 but 18 is really the limit. The reason for this is that someone of that age is unlikely to have generated any major criminal or debt records. The persons age should be within a few years of your own. There are two ways to search for your new identity. You can either search tombstones in graveyards (no thanks) or use the microfiche to view old newspaper obituary columns – this is probably the  best method.

Second you must now apply at the local registry office for a duplicate birth certificate. There is usually a small fee (about 8 quid or so) for this. It is best to apply to the office where the person was born if you can find it out since fewer details are required. Otherwise expect to be asked for: name, place of birth, father’s name and the mother’s maiden name (you can usually get away without knowing this one). If asked why you want it say you need it so you can get a passport or medical card. If the clerks at the office are suspicious for some reason it’s best to explain that it’s for a friend who was too busy to get it himself.  

You will need the actual certificate and not a photocopy of it when you apply for your passport. This process is so simple – no cross-referencing – the only risk is that the certificate might have been stamped ‘deceased’ at the time of death – this is highly unlikely though. Once you have the birth certificate you are halfway there – now you have your identity.

Provisional Driving License

As mentioned before this is a very cool document to have. No checks are made of applicants and so no supporting documents are required. All you do is go to the post office and fill in the form and send it to the DVLC in Swansea along with the fee (about 20 quid). In about a month you’ll get the license and that’s all you have to do. It doesn’t require a photo either making it a very simple exercise.

You will of course need an address where they can post this and other documents to. One way is to open a ‘rent-a-mailbox’ service. Look in LOOT (the London free ads paper) or Exchange and Mart for one of these. They are not too expensive (2-5 quid a week).

Another method is to rent a room in a guest house/ hotel – the advantage with guest houses is that they hardly ever ask for any  form of ID and you just pay in cash weekly or monthly. Much more expensive but you get reasonable accomodation at the same time. Both methods are satisfactory and the mailbox owners don’t ask for any ID either.  There, now you have two forms of fairly good ID and you haven’t really done much hard work to get them.

Passport Acquisition

If your work merely involves travelling ‘friendly’ parts of Europe then you may as well just get a one year visitor passport. You can get one same-day at a post office simply by walking in and filling in a form. By using your two forms of ID you will have no trouble at all getting the passport. Now you can’t say that was hard. With your three forms of ID you can now roam a large chunk of Europe without any trouble authorities. The visitor passport at present allows you to travel to the following places:


If you require a full passport to travel worldwide then the process has a slight twist unfortunately. The forms are not as difficult as they look but you will need to find referees. These should be people like doctors, teachers, lawyers and suchlike persons. It’s not always that simple to get these people to falsify documents for financial reward so you may wish to falsify this part. If you want to falsify the referees you should gain real information on people and fill in the sections of the forms that they are meant to with their actual names and addresses and professions: (they are usually checked you see).

Submit your application in summer when the offices are overworked and often do not have the time to cross-reference and often don’t write to these people for confirmation. If you do falsify the form you MUST use the ‘rent a mailbox’ method described earlier. Though this time open two mailboxes and have one forward to the second for extra security (they will almost always do this but it may cost a little bit more than simply holding your mail). That way if you are rumbled then Special Branch shouldn’t be able to track you down.

But if you follow the method shown here then you shouldn’t come across any problems. Don’t worry if it gets messed up just start over again using new identity and mailboxes. The filth don’t put photos of fraudulent passport applicants on Crimewatch you know!

Well now you have all the ID you’re going to need as a smuggler. That’s
the easy bit over. Now you must put your ID to work…..

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