Guide to Stealing Cars “The 1990’s Way”

Friday, July 21st, 2017

This file is a little update on modern car theft. With many people buying car alarms it has become harder to steal cars. You see a nice car with a good system in it and more then likely it has an alarm installed. A new way to steal a car is called “Jackin”. Jackin’ started in urban areas and has spread to suburban areas. Jackin’ is the theft of a car with the owner in it. Sound dangerous?

There are a few ways to jack a car from someone. One of the ways was made famous in a recent rap song. Jack someones car right at a fast food restaurant drive through. Just walk up and make them exit the car.

Ask them to get out and if they don’t yank them out. Then hop in and take off. Make sure the place doesn’t have a rent-a-cop watching the lot.

The next easiest way is to catch them at a red light. Run up and open the door pulling them out onto the street, give them a few kicks and then jump in the car and take off.

You can also walk up and give the I’m lost story if you think running might scare them off. Getting picked up hitch hiking can also be used to get inside the car.

Making them leave is your problem. Also if a person leaves a car running that is an easy target. Like the pizza delivery person, UPS, and other pea brains who walk off on a running car. They deserve to walk back. Just jump in, put the car in gear, and split. Make sure to hit a few things on your way out to make it look good.

Using a gun will make a person quickly exit their car. This is a dangerous way though, because if you are seen by a cop there is a good chance they will start shooting at you. I would leave the gun at home and rely on stealth and smarts. The risks of using a gun outweight the advantages of having it.

The last way has just been brought to my attention. A person is not in the car but inside their house. What happens is you walk along a neighborhood, parking garage, street, you get the picture, until you find the car you want.

Then go right up to the owners door. Knock on the door and ask for the keys to their car. Believe me this has been in newspapers recently.

You might need a gun for this, unless you pick on the weaker sex, they will cough up the keys faster fearing rape or an attack if they don’t give in to your demands.

Choose Doctors, Lawyers and the professional people with nicer cars. They tend to be incapable of hostile actions or defensive tactics.

Well i hope this has helped fill your mind with new criminal ideas. Now for a few extra tips. Don’t take a car with manual transmission if you can’t drive a stick. Don’t take it home unless you really want to get in trouble.

Park it in your best enemies driveway. Please, please, make sure to ruin the paint job, empty the gas tank, dent a few fenders, do some 4 wheeling and leave the car exactly how you wouldn’t want yours treated.

Some cool parking places are on train tracks, at the bottom of lakes, down the side of a mountain, in the middle of the expressway, and in a shopping malls parking lot. If you really want to cause some trouble leave it where someone else will “steal” it so they will get caught and you go free.

(c) Copyright 1991 Ultra & Sinister X This file is only for informational purposes. Do not ever try anything described in this file. I think you would be extremely acting under your own free will without being coerced by myself in any way. Try this at your own risk cyberdudes. Hack free and phreak hard.


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