From The Diary of a Cannibal Part 3 (END)

Saturday, July 7th, 2018

Saturday, August 19, 19..

Well, I haven’t reported in for almost six weeks. I have my reasons. I’ve simply been too busy with Claudia’s training. And I think I’ve found a gold mine.

But to go chronologically.

Since that memorable meal she seemed increasingly to crave human flesh, and each time I served her a piece of Lisa, after the meal she became so aroused that she just about climbed all over me and actually forced sex on me. Well, she didn’t really have to force me.

And I love sex with Claudia. It’s both arousing and stimulating. The only troubling thing during that time was that she never spoke a word to me. Only her large, dark eyes seemed to speak with me. But she herself remained silent.

Zombie-like she allowed me to put her through the entire training program I had planned. Without a word she dressed in the slave outfit, consisting of a dog collar; a leather corset which left the breasts and lower body bare; high-heeled pumps; and, of course, in my presence she was always manacled with hand cuffs or something similar. I demanded that she call me Master. But whatever I did, she remained silent.

I hit her—she remained silent. I whipped her—she remained silent. I tortured her with needles—she remained silent. I burned her with hot candle wax—she remained silent. I strangled her until she lost consciousness—she remained silent.

I was on the edge of despair. She had succeeded in manipulating me to the point that I wanted to keep her and not slaughter and butcher her, but her silence—somehow that got to me. I was coming to think that either I’d have to call a silent slave my own, or I’d have to consume her.

That is until yesterday.

Last evening I mentioned offhand that this was the last of Lisa and that I needed to go hunting again to find new meat for us. She looked at me and said suddenly “Master, when you’ve captured your prey, can I help you with the slaughter?”

My piece of food almost stuck in my throat. I stared at her simply too perplexed at first to answer. She appeared to read my confusion in my face; at any rate she smiled and repeated the question.

I pulled myself together and answered—naturally entirely as her lord and master “We’ll see about that. If you’re good and conduct yourself correctly—then maybe.”

“Please, Master—I’ll do everything you wish.”

“Everything? That’s no big deal. I’ll get everything I want from you anyway, slave,” I dominated her.

“No, Master—not everything—” and making a gesture as if she was closing her mouth with a zipper, she went silent.

No, I didn’t want that. That I’d had the whole time. And so I gave in, if only apparently.

“I said we’d see,” I dominated her by lifting her and laying her on her cot to  Immediately perform the act. But this time she did not remain silent. Until now only her moans had indicated to me that she enjoyed sex with me. But now she apparently totally surrendered. “Yees, Push, Give it to me, Master—Ohhhhh, Yeees, I’m almost there—I—I’m—cooommmiiing!!!–ooooooohhh!!”

I’ll say this resurrected or new Claudia pleased me. I didn’t care whether genuine or not. What man doesn’t like to have his bed partner tell him and show him how good and skillful he is as a lover?

After we had wildly copulated, I bound her again on her cot, and then I freed her from her bonds and said “I don’t think we’ll need these in the future, right?”

“No, Master, only when I’ve been naughty—” she answered and looke me deep in the eyes. I think for the time being I can trust her so far. She can’t get out of the test kitchen without me anyway.

So now I’ve got to get ready for today’s hunt.
Monday, August 21, 19..

My hunting expedition was successful. I didn’t visit the disco Saturday night. It was much too hot. I went down to our lake and there made a find. A lone water nymph lay on the lake shore and read a book. I approached her and got her into a conversation.

She was visiting acquaintances in the neighborhood who had to attend some family gathering, for which she had no interest. So she wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake and just relax. Soon, with my charm, I had Christine—that was her name—agreeing to come with me to sit on my terrace and enjoy the warm summer night together.

The usual procedure followed. Her eyes widened over my estate. Her willingness to serve me sexually grew as I showed her my villa, and soon we lay entwined playing the game between man and woman which has existed since the beginning of two sexes on Earth.

Christine was one of those women who like to show off their femininity, and she had the looks for it. Blond and with the right curves. With her 24 years she was the right age to wind up as a meat animal to grace my table. Her breasts were firm and had the size—I’m guessing the cup size C—which promised a good breast stew. Her behind consisted of two fleshy and firm half-spheres. Her thighs were a bit heavy for my taste and already showed signs of cellulitis. Her vulva was covered with a blond bush and she had conspicuous labia.

During sex she seemed to thoroughly enjoy her femaleness. She moaned, groaned, and cried out as I thrust my steel-hard rod into her her wet and gaping sheath, and with muscle contractions she milked my shaft as if she wanted to squash my best part.

We soon reached the climax, and into this moaning and from arousal twitching piece of female flesh I shot a load which under normal circumstances would have served to fertilize. Still breathing heavily, I offered her a drink which she accepted with thanks, and as usual she was soon asleep. I can always rely on my drugs. I then brought her to Claudia in the cell and bound her on another cot.

Claudia looked at me and asked “Master, can I be there for the slaughter? I can start preparing her here.”

“How can you prepare her?” I asked.

“I can shave her and clean her—inside and out,” she explained.

“We’ll see—everything in due time. But first she has to sleep off the drugs,” I said, but I really knew I wanted to let her have her way. Then she would finally be clearly on my side.

When I went into the cell yesterday about noon, Christine received me with a barrage of curses. My Claudia sat grinning in the background. So I listened to the usual nagging. Except that Christine apparently knew the fate she was facing. In any event, the cursing soon turned to pleading and then groveling. But I granted my prey no mercy.

I partially freed Christine from her bonds and carried her into the slaughter chamber. There I shackled her—as usual—to the wall. And now I could safely fetch Claudia, who waited excitedly for me in the cell. I freed her from her fetters, and she asked me with wide and horny-appearing eyes “Master, can I really?”

“Yes. Right now you’ll clean the meat animal inside and then remove the body hair. I’ll observe the whole thing. If you do well, maybe we’ll go a step further. So hop to it,” I answered.

“Master, I won’t disappoint you,” she said, as we entered the slaughter chamber. Claudia administered Christine several enemas, one after another. Christine was soon suffering stomach cramps, and her bowel contents were shooting forcefully through her sphincter. Claudia sluiced away the mess with the hose and repeated the procedure until only clear fluid was leaving Christine’s anus.

“Master,” Claudia asked, “Did I do it right?”

“Very good. Now shave the body hair. But first we need to change her position. For that I can use your help.”

I freed Christine from the manacles, and before she could attack me like a fury, I held her hands together while Claudia tied them with a cord. Christine now found for Claudia names which I won’t repeat out of respect for decency. But they seemed to amuse and excite Claudia.

We then freed Chistine from the foot shackles, and I kicked her behind her knees, which dropped her to the floor before she could kick out at us. I pulled over two meat hooks in the ceiling rails, used rope to put a loop around each of Christine’s ankles, and brought each rope through one of the hooks in the ceiling. Then we pulled hard on the ropes, and Christine was pulled upside down so that her head hung about 18 inches over the floor. I quickly tied off my rope and then Claudia’s. Christine now hung in front of us with slightly spread legs.

Then I said to Claudia “Shave her,” and handed her a battery-driven electric razor.

Claudia first shaved Christine’s arm pits, actually only stubhemorrhage, and then went after her arms and legs. Finally she moved her attention to the blond pubic hair sprouting from Christine’s crotch at eye level.

With visible pleasure she went hair by hair. When only short stubble was left, she could go no further. She then leaned forward and buried her face in Christine’s bare slit. Christine tried to resist by writhing in her bonds, but Claudia had bitten in and apparently found the right spot. In any case, Christine’s original resistance turned to moaning and gasping. And the original chewing sounds from Claudia changed to smacking, which led to the conclusion that a wet mouth had united with a wet pussy. The spectacle quite naturally affected my libido.

I freed my Johnson from its prison and began to masturbate, which allowed it to reach its full size and hardness. Christine suddenly turned wild in her bonds and shrieked out loudly. Apparently she had orgasmed. But then as Claudia stepped back, I saw what had happened. Blood was dripping from the corners of Claudia’s mouth and she was chewing with enjoyment. She had bitten off Christine’s clitoris.

Christine wailed and cried. I quickly stepped up to her, leaned over, pulled her head back and slit her throat. Her shrieks subsided into gurgles, she twitched and writhed, and soon she hung still.

I immediately cut her open to gut her. I had barely opened the carcass when Claudia stepped next to me and reached into Christine’s still warm corpse to pull out the entrails. As in a blood lust she reached repeatedly into the carcass until she could find nothing more to pull out.

She looked at me with an almost crazed expression, her hands and body bloody, and said “Master, I’m so horny, please take me—I need it now—and you too—I can see.” And with that she grabbed by still stiff rod and tried to stroke it into even greater hardness.

Then she impaled herself on me. Very soon an orgasmic wave almost tore  Claudia’s body apart. She twitched and wailed, writhed and moaned, shuddered and stiffened. Such a female orgasm I had never seen. Shortly she collapsed against me as if she had fainted. I laid her down and thought I would boff her again later, since I had another chore to accomplish, namely to prepare Christine for butchering.

I must say that slaughtering arouses me—but this was more than arousal. There was a little horror mixed in. Because it was something more than cannibalism I had unleashed in Claudia.
Tuesday, August 22, 19..

Somehow I’m still somewhat shocked. That I need to process. Claudia was so high that I almost couldn’t bring her down.

After I’d laid her down, and wanted to turn to butchering Christine, Claudia embraced me and said “Please, Master, please let me do this. I still want to help you, and I need to know how to butcher. So please let me try—“ And with that she grabbed my half-stiff member once more with her blood-smeared hands and masturbated me.

Well, all right, I thought, Christine can wait, she’s got time, and with that I peeled off the rest of my clothes. Then I grabbed Claudia and rammed my now hard rod deep in her dark sheath. Franticly she met each of my powerful thrusts and responded to each with gasping cries such as: “Yeeesss—harder, Master—give it to me—arghhhhh—yeeessss–that’s–soooo–hooott!”

Claudia’s arousal, Christine’s slaughter, the bleeding carcass, and the woman writhing beneath me pulled the trigger, and I shot my contribution to new life deep into the chalice of her belly.

I got up—still a little unsteady on my feet—to get the power saw to dismember Christine. Should I really allow her to do it? Well, after what I had experienced up to now, I didn’t see any danger. But I still took precautions.

I returned to the slaughter chamber and secured Claudia to a staple in the wall with a long lead chain. Then I gave her the power saw and showed her how she should saw Christine in half lengthwise. With sparkling eyes, Claudia started sawing at Christine’s vagina and cut through the carcass right to the base of the skull. Then she turned the saw and cut off Christine’s head. Now Christine hung cleanly in two halves on the meat hooks.

I took the saw from Claudia and put it away. Then I went back and unchained her from the wall. I took her into the test kitchen and then fetched a half of Christine which I laid on a stainless steel counter top.

“So, and now I’ll show you how we dismember the carcass and prepare it for freezing,” I said to my slave who looked at me like an obedient pupil. I explained and showed her how to remove the remaining inner organs which hadn’t been pulled out of the carcass. Then I showed her the boning as well as the cutting of the hip, rump, and filet steaks. Likewise the excision of the breast for the later preparation of breast stew. Long story short, I showed her the entire butchering procedure.

Claudia paid apparent attention to my explanations, but her gaze was concentrated on my hands. She seemed to absorb everything. And it appeared she not only found it fun to butcher a human, but also it aroused her sexually. Several times I noticed, as we worked, that she reached between her legs and rubbed.

When Christine’s half was butchered, we took what we didn’t need for dinner into the cooler and went back into the slaughter chamber. There I let Claudia clean off the other half with water from the hose and then put that half also into the cooler.

For dinner we afforded ourselves filet steaks, and they were outstanding. And I went further. Claudia was no longer restricted to her cell. I think I can safely let her in the rest of the house. I told her that I had a video camera which recorded her as she bit off Christine’s clitoris, then stuck her bloody hands in the twitching corpse, and gleefully sawed it in half.

Claudia didn’t say much to that except “Can I see the video sometime, Master?” And then again came the look from the dark eyes, which seemed to deep into me.

“Not now. Maybe another time—” I said firmly, knowing it would never happen, since I was lying—there was no video. But I wanted something to hold for insurance against her. That seemed reasonable to me, and I hardly gave a  thought to what danger the lie might expose me.

On the same evening, she moved into her new room a floor higher. It was actually a utility room, but she’d be spending most of her time with me anyway.
Saturday, January 23, 19..

Well, I haven’t reported and written anything here in a long time. For several months Claudia has lived with me and I must admit that on the one hand I enjoy living together, but on the other hand, I have serious doubts and wish I had my former life back.

But what can I do? Despite all my feelings for Claudia, she scares me. As Schiller described it in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” I conjured up the demons, and now I can’t escape them; that’s it exactly.

From the outside it appears that I am lord and master, but I feel acutetly that she does what she wants with me, and in reality she is the mistress. She’s happy with that, and as for me—I can’t do anything else. It’s simply impossible for me to process Claudia. I can’t see Claudia only as sustenance for me, and I can’t see Claudia only as a means of satisfying my hormonal needs.

And she knows it. She knows it very clearly, and she uses it without compunction.

I unleashed not only the cannibal in her, but also a beast which had been latent. And I must furnish it human flesh.

And God help me if I fail—she knows how to punish me so subtly that the dynamic of our relationship has long since become inverted.

Long story short, she has moved me to adopt new methods of cooking and preparing women. Recently, at her instigation, we grilled our prey still living.

That was a spectacle. We bound her on a long pole and attached two long stabilizers, about 10 inches long, inserted into both of her rear openings. We secured the stabilizers with screws into the pole. I then added a robust and heat resistant vibrater and turned it on.

Man, did she ever start to twitch. At the other end we attached a stabilizer with a mouth piece and shoved it into her mouth so that it reached down into her throat. We likewise secured it with screws. We then added an oxygen line in order to keep her alive longer and stifle her screams.

The whole thing was Claudia’s idea, and as we put the roast over the heat, she began to writhe and twitch. We speculated from her motions what our meal was feeling. Pain, lust, or both. In any case, Claudia stood close by masturbating with one hand and with the other basting the rotating roast  with barbecue sauce.

I can’t say who came more, the roast or Claudia. At some point the former expired—the skin was already crackling and crisp. It was time to take the roast off the fire and gut her so that the entrails didn’t spoil the flavor of the meat. When that was done, we put the carcass back on the fire, and when it was done, we fell to. We froze the leftovers so that we could enjoy this delicacy as long as possible.

Claudia’s sexual appetite was second only to her dark hunger for human flesh. When we had slaughtered, she seemed to go into a cannibalistic and sexual frenzy. And that always frightens me. I am frightened of the creature that otherwise is my Claudia. I don’t recognize this beast, and I feel uneasy in its presence.

Especially lately. Claudia regards me now with such a strange and hungry look—so that a shiver goes down my spine. I must be imagining that—but I’m certainly going to watch that closely and check it out, dear Diary.

When I re-read what’s written here, I’ve got to say don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Women are the most hormone and cycle-driven creatures, and we men, at bottom, have little to oppose them except two balls and a penis, which, in the hands of women, becomes a joystick with which they can steer us as they wish. And still for me Women are the most fascinating creatures. In my eyes they are split personalities (which as been at least biologically demonstrated). They will give life and then take life just for the fun of it (just look at my Claudia). But what good is my philosophizing—it won’t get me anywhere.

Claudia is, after all, Claudia, and—oh, she’s calling me, whatever she’s got in mind. I think she’s going to send me out on the hunt, since our meat larder is getting low—


Newspaper report:

Robbery or ritual murder in . . .

According to police, last Tuesday the well-known owner of the meat processing plant, Harry S, was found dead in his mansion by maid service employees. The circumstances leave no doubt the death was murder. The time of death was apparently Sunday night. The corpse bore numerous superficial cuts. Shortly before he died, the victim’s penis was apparently bitten off, and death ensued from exsanguination.

Posthumously, a number of pieces of flesh were cut from the hips and buttocks as if by a professional meat cutter. The police do not know where the body parts are.

The fact that the industrialist’s safe was open points to murder during a robbery, but the condition of the body indicates more a ritual murder. The police hope to gather more information from the discovery of a diary belonging to the victim. There is currently no trace of the perpetrator or perpetrators.

To Be Continued

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