Forbidden Snuff Film Culture in 1999

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

By Cyborg

<*> Lights, camera, action… from the upper echelons of the Hollywood party crowd to the violent neo nazi culture of eastern Europe to the urban underground market place on the streets of Thailand, snuff movies are all around us. Hidden deep in the murky depths of pornucopia. Everything has a dark underside, and although pornography is the sinister shadow of the mainstream movie business it too has a distorted mirror image. Snuff is infamous as the depth of human depravity.

For people who don’t know what a snuff movie is allow me to enlighten you. Snuff is more than murder caught on videotape (which is commonly referred to as mondo films) two other decisive factors are necessary. The first is that the primary motivation for the murder is production value, this means organized and intentional, at a point in the script the director has decided that somebody is killed. The second and most important is that the footage is being distributed commercially.

The big question surrounding snuff movies is whether they actually exist or not. Some say they are just urban legends. This is based on the old cliche that you don’t believe what you don’t see. No law enforcement authority has ever seized an actual real tape despite offered rewards of $25,000 no questions asked. Seeing as how I am here to bring you my views on the subject I would have to say that I think yes they do exist. Although I have never seen one I don’t feel that ignorance will solve such a problem. People have to be open to the fact that they might exist however unpleasant that may be.

Just where do people buy snuff movies? If you are wondering where you can get one then you are a sick asshole. It is generally thought that they are obtained, if you know who to ask, on the streets of New York. Another hotspot would be the black market in Bangkok. Advertisements have been found on street walls before. Here is an example:

“The film that could only be made in South America… where life is CHEAP!”

Hard hitting stuff… this statement was taken from an advertisement for a snuff movie made in South America. The poster which displays a drawing cut up into four pieces. The drawing depicts a naked woman arching her head back as if screaming in agony and there is blood spilled over the drawing. Self portrayed as “the bloodiest thing that ever happened in front of a camera” I can only look on it in disgust. Here is an account from I got from the internet describing one person’s tale of the existence of snuff movies:

“I have some limited information you may find of interest. I have traveled extensively around the world, living on 3 continents. As such I have the found out some things. I understand most real snuff films are primarily made in South America, especially Columbia. Thailand produces a lot of real snuff films and while I lived in Bangkok I heard from Thai friends that snuff films are readily available. There are underground snuff bars in Bangkok. I had a friend who was offered a video tape of a six year old boy being fucked to death, by the owner of the resort bungalow he was renting. My Taiwanese friends claim to have watched Japanese snuff films.

Supposedly, in the late 80’s in Japan there was a serial killer who would kidnap women and disembowel them on video, which he then sent to the police to taunt them with. I have seen many Japanese Faces of Death type of movies. They were much more graphic and real than the original faces of death films. The Japanese films really made me ill. As you know, there are no restrictions on film violence in Japan. Go to a Japanese store and rent the video, or order the films online from Japan if you are interested. Just remember, life is really cheap in some 3rd world hellhole. If you want someone killed in the 3rd world it can be done for a few hundred bucks or less, How much more do you think a real snuff film would cost then? Snuff is real, just don’t look for it in the good old USA.”

When did the trend of snuff movies actually start? If you are a fan of violence you will have heard of Manson. Charles Manson and his cohorts were a violent cult. They brutally murdered the actress Sharon Tate and many of her friends. They also murdered Roman Polanski’s heavily pregnant wife. Books spawned from the international media frenzy at the time suggested that the Manson cult actually taped the murdered and either sold them on or buried them underground. The author Ed Sanders coined a phrase to describe this, he called it snuff.

I think it is now time I described my knowledge of snuff. I have this friend. I’m not going to mention any names. He has another friend and she knows this guy who has been known to locate certain items. It was said that in one of these movies a women was naked, strapped to a table bent over backwards, tied helplessly. She was too stoned to realise what was going on when a bull charges at her and she died when the bull’s horn went up into her anus at galloping speeds. As readers may have noticed I have not (and do not intend to) reveal my location. However, in the city that I live I know people who have seen advertisements for snuff movies in the alleyways of the city centre.

The reason I got interested in this topic is due to the new film by A-list movie director Joel Schumacer, 8mm. In 8mm, Nicholas Cage plays a private eye employed by an elderly widow to investigate a small reel of film she has found in the personal possessions of her recently deceased husband. The footage seems to show a young girl being tortured and killed in a sado-masochistic ritual. Here is a quote from the film:

“The girl’s like a rag doll, face reddened, eyes closed, but she remains upright. Masked Man uses his thumbs to open her unseeing eyes.cHe touches her mouth with his fingers, presses his lips to hers. Then, Masked Man backs away, leaving frame, till the camera moves to find him standing at a table with three large bowie knives laid out. Masked Man runs his fingers over the blades…”

People who read this file might be curious… but the truly sick thing about snuff movie is that by watching or buying one you are encouraging murder as that is why the movie was filmed in the first place. Spare a thought for the victims of such perversion. So what sort of people ending up being cut up on screen for the pleasure of hardcore perverts and serial rapists? The answer is homeless people, kids who run away from home. Remember being a kid and when your parents told you never to accept sweets from strangers you’d just laugh it off? It doesn’t have quite the same humorous edge now.

There will always be burned bodies of street children found in cellars and children that go missing never to be found. In some parts of South America it is still legal to kill your wife if she insults you. When you talk about snuff Sao Paulo gets mentioned. Columbia besides being famous for drugs, mobs, gambling and more of the same which did present the Unabomber with so many viable options, guess what else goes on? More than just snuff movies but violent cults which are rumored to involve Columbian politicians. One guy posted a message on the internet saying that the president of Columbia might be in on it, nobody was ever sure whether he was joking or not…

As many people who study violent behaviour patterns will know, many types and motives of violence are cross linked. For instance, some modern nazi syndicates make snuff movies not for profit but to glorify their execution of black, Asian, homosexual or any other types of people who don’t fit right into their ‘Aryan paradise’. I don’t have enough space to elaborate on my portrayal of modern naziesque rage. I know that even a file on nazism in America would take up too much space likewise for my conclusions regarding fascist propaganda but watch this space.

Unfortunatley, however much the people despise snuff the masses enjoy the same thing only fictionalised. Remember how entertained you were when you watched “The Silence Of The Lambs”? Hannibal Lector is a 90’s popular culture icon and, although it is bloodcurlingly intense to even suggest, he is also a role model for gothic klans who film the twisted consequences of the sick state of today’s society. Remember that no matter how secure you feel in your pretty boy lifestyle these are the dark ages of global civilisation.

The question that you have to ask yourself is does this turn you on even a little bit? When you think of a girl having her throat cut during sex does that excite you at all? I think it is something everyone needs to explore in their own mind. It is generally thought that this applies to somewhere in the midst of ten per cent of people. That is a lot of people. Contrary to wishful thinking this concerns more than just weirdos who are widely regarded as insane this affects a lot more… what about your friend? what about your neighbor? what about yourself?

The glaring lack of hard evidence has never been enough has never been enough to stop any supposing because there is always going to be myths and rumors to fan the flames. Turning this theory on its head for a moment, there is no evidence to suggest that they don’t exist which by logical terms means it could be 50/50 going either way. This goes beyond the thinking that anything is possible because I don’t think that it is hard to believe. Since the birth of cinematography could somebody have sold on footage of a killing? Maybe, but one vital element is always missing – the tape itself.


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