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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

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This is a file on fighting to win.

**VOL #6**

   This is my first attempt at writing a file dedicated to self-defense.  I wish to make it clear that I am not an ANARCHIST – I believe in government, I believe in the police, I
even believe in taxes. (Sometimes).  However, the police are never around when one needs them.  Therefore it is sometimes required for one’s well-being to be able to kick the living shit out of an aggressor.

   A few things to remember:

o   This is not boxing.  Nobody is going to step in to stop the fight if you end up unconscious.

o   This is not wrestling.  Don’t pull any punches or do tricky moves.  (Noone in the history of the world has used a move he learned from watching wrestling to win a fight)

o   There’s no such thing as fighting dirty.  If it keeps you alive, it’s fair.

   Ok, now, the specifics:

   If you are fighting someone who is obviously better equipped to win, RUN.  Being brave doesn’t equal being smart.

   If you thought the above line was directed towards someone else, the section below is for you:


   When fighting, aim for certain points.  These points are:

Nose:  If you strike with the edge of your hand, karate chop style, right below the eyes, you can cause SERIOUS pain.  Strike right below the nose and it’s bad enough to cause unconsciousness.

Ear:  Below the ear and behind the jaw is a small indentation.  Press on it with your thumb.  Ouch. Jab with your thumb right at that spot, and you’ll cause pain, unconscious, and if you do it too hard, death.

Base of skull:  Karate chop yourself in the back of your neck.  Aim upwards.  There are two big tendons that form a large flat area.  Strike in this area, and you’ll nail some nerves.  It feels like an electric shock.  Do it hard, and it feels like a 220 volt line running head to foot.

Base of neck: I mean the place where you see spies in spy movies karate chop.  You won’t knock anybody out with this, but you can disable their arm pretty well.  If you hit their collar bone, you’ll hear a loud crack.  They won’t be able to move their arm after that.

Solar plexus – Jab with a finger.  They won’t be able to breathe.

Testicles – Last resort if you want to retain SOME dignity.

Knee joint – If you’re knocked down, hook your right ankle around their right heel, and kick their kneecap with your left foot.  No more skiing.  Ever.  If you do this, you may be sued, so only use it if you’re dead meat.

Foot – If grabbed from behind, stomp their foot, and driveyour elbow into their solar plexus.


Weapons are good and bad.  Good when you’ve got them, bad otherwise.  Stay away from knives and guns – It’s too easy to accidentally kill someone.  (Killing is not good. Forget what TV shows tell you – Kill someone and you will not have a life worth living anymore, unless you can PROVE it was self-defense.)  I use a stun gun.  SG’s are non-lethal and safe.  Get a good one – 100k volts or more.  I use a 50,000volt gun, and it takes 3 seconds of contact to subdue.  Get a 120kV and your attacker will be airborne in 1 to 1.5 seconds.  Another goody is a thonged club.  A steel bar with a strong nylon thong is intimidating and quick.  Just don’t hit the person’s head if you want to stay out of jail  Stick to forearms and hipbones.  Nice and painful. Also – Don’t neglect our friend, the bullwhip. Those whips  exceed Mach 1 at the tips.  (The crack you hear is a sonic boom)  Extremely non-lethal and painful as hell.

This file was written by PHLASH. If you have any questions, just post a message to the main board on the Jackass BBS.

If you are interested in joining our writing staff, please contact the
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