Cult Of The Dead Cow: How to Break The Law Part 2

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Cult Of The Dead Cow: How to Break The Law Part 2

You should also sever your financial ties with the uninvolved. The state can grab the full balance of joint bank accounts, even if the “innocent” partner deposited most of the money. Other forms of joint property may be safer, but the state can still grab your half and convert the other owner into a co-tenant with the government.

Keep your money and other property separate. If you’ve followed the suggestions in Section 2 above, you will already have eliminated most entanglements with others, but such involvements are something to watch out for.

As I also pointed about above, don’t transfer your property to friends or relatives in anticipation of any criminal activities, since the state can go after it anyway, dragging others into court.

5) Develop at least a nodding acquaintance with a lawyer (or someone with as big a mouth). If you are arrested, it is very comforting to have someone to call. Someone on the outside can do more about getting bail together, reporting your case to Amnesty International, and getting you out, than you can do from inside.

You might like to get to know a sympathetic lawyer, if you happen to have one in the neighborhood. There are even anarchist lawyers. As an anarchist law student once said when asked by his friends how an he could be a lawyer, “My father is a physician, but that doesn’t mean that he believes in disease.”

A philosophically-compatible lawyer should be able to give you some moral support since he should at least understand your attitude towards the law you violated.

6) Practice privacy in your daily life. Most of us are not used to keeping information about ourselves *to* ourselves. We regularly fill out forms, giving loads of personal information about yourself.

Whenever people ask us questions, we tell them the truth. If you break these habits in advance of need, you’ll be in good practice to lie convincingly when you need it.

I can’t give you a full course in privacy techniques in this article, but here are a few pointers: a) Have all your mail delivered to a mail receiving service. There is no need for anyone but your friends to know where you sleep. “My Sister Sam’s” Rebecca Schaefer might be alive today if a psycho fan hadn’t looked up her address in the files of the California DMV.

Whenever anyone asks your address, give them the mail drop address, using the box number as an apartment number.

b) Use a voice mailbox for receiving phone calls from strangers. These computer-based services are available for about $10/month almost every- where in the US. You receive what looks like a normal phone number.

You can record a greeting message. These services are almost undistinguished- able from a phone line with answering machine, but they can be obtained without giving the voice mail company any information about you and, of course, there is no geographic link between you and the account.

c) Get your utility service in a phony or borrowed name. ‘

Public Utilities are legally required to give you service. They may require a deposit if they don’t know you, but that’s a small price to pay for privacy. You may need some created ID to start service in bureaucratic places like California, but it still can be done.

d) Encrypt the personal files and records on your computer’s hard drive and floppies.

There are many high-quality, free encryption programs out in the world today. So you have no excuse. Don’t depend on the encrypt- ion technologies built into programs like Lotus 1-2-3 or PKZIP, because they use easily-broken cipher techniques.

e) Dispose of your paper records. Almost everyone who’s convicted of a crime is convicted by their own records.

f) Don’t give the government information about yourself. Ninety-five percent of what they know about you is based on things you’ve told them. Even if you want to follow the letter of the law in these matters, watch your bureaucratic filings.

Some of them are not required and others carry no practical penalties. Few people have done any hard time for census resistance.

g) Avoid domestic credit cards. Government investigators can do credit checks on you by computer without a warrant. The less information in your credit reports the better. The best way to secure your financial privacy is to have an off-shore credit card.

If you must use a domestic credit card, use a secured credit card that can be obtained without giving lots of personal information.

If, after you have done everything you can to protect your mind and your property from the hazards of the criminal justice system, you are arrested anyway, it’s not the end of the world. At least you are receiving some personal attention from an otherwise cold and distant government. It is sort of a compliment actually. Not everyone is worth arresting.

Most of those arrested aren’t worth prosecuting. And most of those prosecuted and convicted aren’t worth imprisoning either. In this era of limits, governments can only afford to prosecute and punish a limited number of people. The government criminal justice enterprise is much less efficient than McDonalds, so chances are they will offer you some sort of deal.

They don’t want to spend tons of dough to put you away and $60 to $100 thousand a year to keep you there.

Watch those deals though. Michael Milkin pleaded guilty and got a sentence as long as he would have gotten if found guilty at trial. Sometimes it’s better to take the trial, particularly in political prosecutions. If you end up having to spend an extended period of time as a guest of the government, you should try to take as relaxed an attitude as possible. It may help to think of the prison experience as a well-earned vacation. After all, you’ll finally get the chance to read all those books you’ve put off reading over the years.

You will also get thousands of dollars worth of services yearly, including clothing, meals, lodging, entertainment, medical care (sort of), and education. Most significantly of all, you will gain first-hand experiences that can help your philosophical and literary development.

Many famous writers made good use of their prison time. Also, you will have the opportunity to live in a totalitarian socialist state.

In this day and age it’s becoming hard to find living examples of totalitarian socialist governments. A few years in prison will encourage you to redouble your efforts to fight such social systems.

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