Buying Psychedelics on the Darkweb

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

The New Face of the Psychedelic Scene

Today the dark web is the biggest facilitator of a very old mission that originally set out to put psychedelics on the world map; an international collaboration between those with the power to provide these delicate complex compounds, and those with the power to access these chemicals through their social networks.

Although the mission of spreading mind expanding and mind altering substances that no other drugs can be compared to has remained the same since the revolution of the sixties; the tact of the mission has changed.

Today, things are a little different. Here’s why; the internet.

The internet has performed miracles when it comes to globalization of our social lives, the world sits back and its citizens of all cultures, colors and ethnicities posts updates to Facebook and regularly sends out new tweets about a new pair of shoes, what’s new on TV, the new-born baby and how much of a jerk the boss really is.

Although this seems trivial in some senses, this very concept of global relaying and publicity of communications has helped blow up all angles and access points to the internet, including dark net markets and that includes psychedelics too.

Online communities which provide 24/7 drug harm reduction advice and also a place for likeminded people to share their experiences, concerns and trip reports (bluelight, drug-forums, erowid, dmt-nexus etc.), conventions, conferences and seminars which educate about the benefits both scientifically and spiritually about psychedelics in various formats and contexts (MAPSPsychedemiaHorizons etc.) festivals (Burning ManShankraPsychedelic CircusSamsara etc.) libraries and resources (erowid, blueright archives etc.) all available at the touch of the button and all possible thanks to the various social media outlets commonly used by millions all over the world.

And this is where dark net markets come in and a little history too just for good measure.

The first notable marketplace to sell psychedelics was Silk Road 1. Following the beliefs and values of Ross Ulbricht, SR1 set out on a voyage to supply the world with products that would stand the test of time and control measures of modern day laws and regulations – and from that point onwards, a niche in the market appeared. Enter, psychedelics and enter, LSD Avengers.

LSD was known at this time during SR1’s upbringing to be anything but LSD. And here begins the story of LSD Avengers, a group spawned as a front line defence created to curb the dangers of buying a product that was not what was advertised (usually sold as LSD but later found to be something else such as research chemicals like NBOMe) and to educate those with less access to harm reduction materials, testing facilities and general knowledge of the risks and realities around other chemicals being sold as LSD.

This new group who shrouded themselves in secrecy and mystique were the guardians of Silk Road helping to protect customers from buying LSD that could harm them or cause them to freak out from adverse reactions to drugs other than the substance advertised like research chemicals.

Before the gallant LSD Avengers came out of the woodwork, the LSD market was saturated with research chemicals being sold as LSD or LSD that was completely fake but this was all to change thanks to the surge in popularity and demand for the Avengers.

This new change prompted reform in the dark net market community whereby trust and patronage could be formed and along the way new roots for improvement and quality could follow.

What followed was a surge in the quality and quantity of genuine psychedelics. The LSD Avengers helped to mould this philosophy into the hearts, minds and souls of all vendors and customers of the present day.

In their time testing LSD, they tested 60 vendors and these vendors were marked into specific categories based on the results the group would get back from scientific testing and trip reports. Some of the original cast marked as ‘Star’ vendors are still around on dark net markets today!

How the Dark Web is powering a new psychedelic movement

Today in 2016 you can buy psychedelics with the touch of a few mouse buttons and the tip tap of a few keyboard strokes.

This pisses off the government because they have no control over who buys psychedelics and where they are headed too. These powerful tools have never been so more available than they are today and research has shown that the quality and purity of psychedelics has grown over the past few years, this in part has to do with the surge in dark net market purchases.

This new underground movement provides a treat for any avid fan of psychedelics and here is what powers the engines of this new underground psychedelic movement:

  • Meritocracy

The faithful system of community driven feedback allows for vendors to be rewarded for their high quality genuine products.

  • Anonymity

The risks are reduced when buying psychedelics like LSD off the dark web, today he can purchase with anonymity and additional security from the dark web and this applies to his customers too.

  • Choice

You can get pretty much anything you want or would ever need from dark net marketplaces and this includes some of the most obscure rarities amongst psychedelic drugs. Some that you may not be able to get on the street like DOB or DOM for example.

  • Stealth

Thanks to MBB’s and other stealth shipping methods, psychedelics can now be shared across different regions of the world with little to no chance of detection making the new world of purchasing psychedelics truly a global movement and a global logistics success.

  • Philosophy

You are always told that the past defines the present and when it comes to dark net markets, the past has helped to forge the present.

Thanks to the desire for equality and trust laid down by the pioneers of our dark net landscape, today drugs especially psychedelics are purer and more available than ever before and it’s this mind-set created by exceptional members of the dark net community that today continuously encourages new and old vendors to supply psychedelics that are high grade and highly respected.

  • Culture Dissolution

Psychedelics were once drugs you could acquire if you were part of particular scenes, something that came with exclusivity and secrecy and today that boundary has well and truly been crossed allowing different cultural and social backgrounds to fall on through the rabbit hole.

The Conclusion

The winds of change of the last 10 years have swept the psychedelic scene off its feet from the old foundations of a bygone era and blown us all into the abyss where after subtle changes and historic events that have taken place, psychedelics have been more accessible than ever before.

Moulding in place a more dynamic open space into modern society ready for the falling of a new movement; the modern psychedelic movement.

It might not follow a particular branding or preach a particular narrative unlike those come and gone in the past but what this new movement has incorporated is the secrecy and anonymity required to enable all those with a taste for the divine, the great, the God and for all spiritual healing and ego loss and transcendence of time and space to gather in synchronicity and agreement where one can purchase and can provide the necessary tools required for breaking open the mind in an environment that caters for all the needs of a modern society entrenched in surveillance, corruption, power and greed.

Although the risks are plenty when considering the history of dangerous chemicals being sold as LSD and the chemistry procedures entrusted on people we don’t know and will never meet hoping that our products arrive exactly as we expect we can also reap the benefits and advantages of having these drugs available to us in a manner that hasn’t ever been available until now.

Buying Psychedelics off the Dark Net

Anyone who is considering buying psychedelics from the dark net or those already buying them from their chosen marketplace should always remember that there are ALWAYS risks involved.

The biggest risks involved is knowing what the active ingredients of the psychedelic you have purchased are especially if you are intending to buy or have already bought LSD as LSD is often sold as LSD when it is in fact another chemical such as research chemicals. Research chemicals are not drugs which have much if any scientific research behind them and no medicinal benefits in humans (as of yet anyway).

It’s worth noting that many drugs now in mainstream society started out as research chemicals and now have profound uses in medicine and therapeutic settings but until those committed research projects have begun and come to an end with a result the public can rely on research chemicals are potentially dangerous drugs which can seriously injure if not kill you and your friends.

This isn’t a plot to scare you, far from it. Instead, this is a message to convey to you intended to inform you and allow you to make a more reliable and safer decision as to what drugs you buy and consume considering the risks involved (and yes, there are risks).

Some important points to consider:

  • Be aware of research chemicals being sold as LSD – This is one of the BIGGEST concerns surrounded buying psychedelics off the dark web. And an issue that seems to never end so the best advice would be to test ALL your products! Buy DIY home drug testing kits.
  • Always test your psychedelics – Energy Control provide international coverage for testing psychedelics and can tell you what you have bought and the quality.
  • Always evaluate your chosen vendor properly and comprehensively before purchasing – Do your research! Read reviews, check out their Grams page if they have one, ask around.
  • Be safe – Always plan your trip, set and setting, trip sitter, dosage and if in doubt, ASK. Drug resources like, and will give you advice if you need it.
  • You risk getting caught – Every time you buy drugs off the dark net market, you risk the package being intercepted or risk being setup in a sting operation to garner evidence and a sure conviction. Psychedelics are in many countries considered the worst drugs to be using, selling and buying. Weigh up the risks before doing anything!

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