Buying Credit Cards on the Darknet

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Contributed by Mark.

Have you ever seen credit card marketplaces on deep web? Of course you have! But all of them are fake scam sites, yeah? Basically that’s right, but believe it or not, there are some legit sites too. I spent 3 months researching and got a lot interesting information that I wanted to share with you.


How does credit card fraud works?

There are multiple ways for getting the cards. Most known way is stealing card data with card skimmer and recording card PIN with some “spy”camera. Card vendor inserts card data trough specific programs on card chip or stripe. Less known way is to partnership with card owner and sell working card duplicate to client. Because it happened due bank security breach, bank refunds money to card owner and everybody gets profit. Yet, there are still many other ways for card fraud.


Online or offline?

Cards doesn’t only exist in real world, you can see them at web too. You can use numbers on your card to order anything from web. Still, I chose to research more about using real cards in ATMs, shops and etc, because it seems safer and more foolproof. There are many legit guys who sell credit card data, but it’s risky to use that data. Remember, in web, everything is traceable.


How to distinguish between scammer and real vendor?

It’s not going to be easy. There are bunch of scammers per one real vendor and it’s not easy to recognise who’s who. I made a list of tips you can follow on the way looking for card vendors. These tips are relative and may not always be true.

• Nobody sells 100$ for 1$, that’s not real.

• Real vendors doesn’t have to advertise themselves because if their service works, there are already more clients than vendor needs. Too much attention can also attract authorities.

• If vendor has own website, look for source code. If feedback page seems to be faked and not working, keep searching.

• Don’t buy from vendors who are looking for your attention and want to lure your money.

• Real vendors have clients and they might have even some waitlists, in credit card fraud business there are no such thing as “The customer is the king”.

• Use Google


My Journey

About 5 months ago I bought credit card from random vendor on website advertised in Hidden wiki and got scammed.

Lost about 190$ and I wanted to get that money back as soon as possible. From that moment I saw every vendor as scammer, but still wanted to find some real vendors. 2 months after getting scammed, I had enough money to start my experiment and research.

After searching I managed to get into one forum. Rules were strict but I learned about schemes what some of them are using, unbelievable. I felt like in heaven, their schemes were so complex, I couldn’t even fully understand them.

But there were no links to any of vendors. I had to keep digging. After several days I found a guy who had been using cards to „double“ his money. He gave me some contacts, where I can find legit trustworthy card sellers. Some of them had a pretty nice website, some of them had only e-mail and list of cards in stock.

They all confessed why they haven’t been advertising –they are involved in money laundering and other criminal activities. They just wanted to keep quiet. So, after contacting them, I had to buy. Three legit shops, one of them was out of stock, two of them still got some cards to sell. I risked with all the money I had.

Waiting was painful, after the first one arriving I calmed down. I got card with 1,6x more money on it than I invested. I was very calmed and even forgot about the other card I had ordered. Luckily that one arrived too, I had made 1,75x money with another one.

So I had to convince legit card sellers to let me advertise their shops or my research have no point. Two of them agreed but they mentioned that there are not much cards left and sometimes buyers must wait 2-3 weeks for restock.

Read this My new review of a carding site

Before you Visit! Set Up a Good VPN Service

A good VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is known for its privacy on the market. It uses unique IP address for each time you request your computer. It won’t reveal your actual IP address of your computer instead it uses different IP address. You don’t get traced by anyone on the internet if you are using a good VPN service. VPN actually hides your location and encrypts the data from your internet service provider. By using this technology, you will be protected from identity theft and hacking. Mask your IP address by getting a good VPN service.

Now I tested a few VPN services and they are all generally pretty good but I find the Pure VPN and NordVPN is better because of their low prices and and their reliability which I use here. and here, or you can click the link below

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258 comments on “Buying Credit Cards on the Darknet

  1. Richard says:

    Hi im Richard i have a question

  2. Dosto says:

    good greeting..
    I am interested sir to buy credit cards please provide me some information please send me a real seller.
    very interested..

  3. Richard says:

    Illuminati pirate my question is so if 90% of these a__holes are fake lol can u hook me up with just one real dude dealing with ccs?

  4. Richard says:

    Are you a clown mr.pirate? Lol_i aint Damn Fbi

  5. Mike go fuck your self says:

    Hey I’m looking for a vendor of c.c for Canada or clone cards but realize it hard to find ppl that arnt scammer anyone have vendors

    • Joseph says:

      I know a guy that won’t provide you with a physical one. I’ve made 4 orders and once the info card was dead and one other time I only made 28-30 dollars. It’s not cheap tho.

  6. chiza says:

    hahaha how did you know that dud is an FBI

  7. Jhonny says:

    Please tell me rael vendor to buy a credit card plzzz.. I am not FBI. If I am a FBI you can kill me

  8. Alex says:

    I am interested to buy credit cards please provide me some information please send me a real seller.
    very interested

  9. Alex says:

    I am interested to buy credit cards please provide me some information please send me a real seller.
    very interested Alex

  10. Otheah Carnes says:

    Hey. Can you assist and give me a legit site to buy credit cards from. I like you got scammed for $400 and can not afford that to happen again.
    Thank you for your help

  11. Joey says:

    Dude come the fuck on all these credit card clowns are fucking shysters think about it if its to good to be true the NEWSFLASH “IT FUCKING IS” I mean fuck if it were this easy I would certainty be a fucking platinum fucking number 1 customer but burnt is all I ever received and anybody I talk to that is honest has never gotten shit rather.

    • polarpil says:

      Yes , that’s right. I v got shit. Nothing. Zero! I am not sure where to go or look for the right vendor. So far i only spend my money . And i’ve got only bullshit

  12. Iron Man says:

    Yes i Know Man,Ping me on

  13. 3mry5 says:

    Hey, how about only the card details, not the physical one, do anyone know to find these because there’s a lot of rumors

  14. Firemezzo says:

    Hey, I‘m looking for cloned crdeitcards can somebody halt me ?

  15. Johnson says:

    Hi is there anyone who can help me with a good clone card vendor who accepts escrow service

    Email me at

  16. cekata says:

    can someone tell me aout real providers?

  17. maxine says:

    proof you are real Joon

  18. Waseem Ullah says:

    good greeting..
    I am interested sir to buy credit cards please provide me some information please send me a real seller.
    very interested..

  19. Bishop says:

    Thanks a lot for this article. I need credit cards but i have been wary of shysters. This has helped a lot. Pls I need a legit dealer. You can reach me on

  20. kapil sharma says:

    I’m new i don’t know how to buy credit card

  21. Tsvetomir anatoliev Tsekov says:

    hi guyes i have 2 providers of prepaid cards reach me i have proof

  22. Anonymous says:

    I have pictures of a a guy and BANK ACCT NUMBERS AND Personal cell phone numbers of a scammer., CAN ANYONE HELP ME CATCH THIS GUY?

    He took 22k from me promised a card of 70k and kept lying and I kept falling for it and he said he could fix credit which was a scam as well.He knew I have breast cancer and I’m still undergoing chemo.. I wanted a card to make sure my debt was paid for my daughter bc my cancer is so far along.


  23. aNonyMouse says:

    Wow man look your post. You ask to be fooled again. Obvious this guy advertize scammers if your posts are true

    Hey. Can you assist and give me a legit site to buy credit cards from. I like you got scammed for $400 and can not afford that to happen again.
    Thank you for your help

    May 19, 2018 at 4:10 am
    Thank you for the information – I have a issue with Queen – she is the one that took $400 and then blocked me so I can not log into my account on her page.
    Do you have another TRUSTED one and that works quickly.
    Thank you,

  24. aNonyMouse says:

    The safest way to get a valid credit card is to transfer 20% of the amount you need in btc address
    Automatically after transaction you will receive email with full cc info

  25. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone help me hack a scammers Acct numbers — he took everything I had and bankrupt me.,
    I HAVE PICTURES,, please this is. I joke!!

  26. Myla Rowland says:

    Let me share my story with you all, I was in a great debt after I lost my job, I had about $25k bank debt, and I could not pay back. So while reading a finance blog, I saw a comment about someone talking about how he got western union MTCN of $7,000 several times from deepwebservice01ATgmailDOTcom, I emailed them, and placed order for $5000, and I picked it up successfully in my name without any traces. I continued working with them until I moved to the richest neighborhood in my city. They also help with carding, credit repair, cc dumps with pin

  27. Anthony says:

    I need cc number

  28. Rikjard says:

    heeeey, where i can buy some cc??

  29. Toot says:

    Contact me for serious sellers ONLY!

  30. Ryze says:

    Better use visa gifts cards…

  31. MrFux says:

    Black Monster is a SCAM, i got SCAMED from and can prove it.

  32. Clubber Lang says:


    Have anyone orderd for black monster cards?
    R they scammers or for real?

  33. Sean says:

    If you need genuine vendors, contact seancerda2 at gmail. I will provide the list.

  34. Jamie Shin says:

    Hi all it’s the 4th time i buy from team Ryze and all I can say it’s good, they always reply my emails, the second time my order never arrived,they resend without problems, the cards works perfectly, and make pretty good discount’s for bulks orders,, now I want to try some WU transfer dealer…

  35. Cristina says:

    3 years looking for legit vendors… Only 2 times I get not scamed, hard world guys…

  36. Financial Quest says:

    I can help a limited amount of people right now. Digital and physical cards. Serious buyers only please. Contact

  37. penis balls says:

    blackmonster is real because I asked him to show me photp proof and he sent me a pic of two cards with my name next to it.Didnt look photo shopped.

  38. imanol says:

    I’ve been talking to

    i don’t know if he’s legit because i haven’t purchased from him yet but just putting the word here.

  39. Mirko says:

    I tried cashland at pm5xuy2gwmnc6f4f.onion I sent them payment around 24h ago. tryed to get the access with other account, seems I can not see post that I left on the forum with the account I purchase the paypal account. are CASHLAND scammers?

  40. Hiddenmasterx says:

    Can someone provide a Link to team ryse.

    • Shades of DarkGrey says:

      i got scammed so much , that i decided to personally get credit card details from customers in my jewelry shop in Alvord, Texas. I sell credit card info from time to time for 10usd upfront. email me at

  41. Shadow says:

    If anyone scam you, don’t rage, we can help you for a low fee… The world of darknet it’s so hard, and if you are a fucking noob in this mad world looking for easy money out of TOR… You will be in troubles easily, you can’t go to police saying i was buying some illegal stuff and i got scamed, coz they will say: you are retarded hahaha and they will do nothing about.

    Have a nice day!

  42. penis balls says:

    So anyone know if blackmonster or any other is real with proof.

  43. Solomon Kane says:

    Yo guys DO NOT buy or deal with a so called group called TEAM RYZE they are scammers I orderd a pre-paid card over a month ago and still no card I’ve emailed them over 50 times and get no answer back so it’s sure to say they are full of shit !!!!

  44. Elkalalah says:

    Watch out people, no real vendor you just say somewhere that selling cards to find someone like that is very difficult if it’s at all possible because they’re just very private groups.

  45. Jhon Adams says:

    qpqev5qkmhcv3vjyhvjafkvft0ykrvp4tsefa7gdn0 Is my bitcoin address .. pay here also send your address details to torbox.3uiot6wchz.onion this email address 100$ To get minimum 2000$ containing credit card ( let me know in email what type of card you needed ? Visa , MasterCard or Amex ..

  46. Marketer says:

    40$ full list of .onion darknet markets with invitation, access granted and trusted vendors, only accept BTC.
    It’s easy you pay and you enjoy the markets.

  47. Ansyne says:

    Anyone tried Ryze… Or Blackmonster lately??

  48. penis balls says:

    prove you are not a scam

  49. penis balls says:

    prove you are not a scam .

  50. R says:

    I was scammed $15,000 before finding a real vendor. But some new to this game want to be told who is real and who is scam for free. If you want the infor email me at a fee. NB: I will forward details of what worked for me. So far two vendors have been able to deliver, rest have been scams. Email me…. Fee for info $20

  51. Fabrizio says:

    Can you please help me?? Anyone know if I need money asap

    • Mistery shop says:

      They only have cloned cards if you know how to use it… they are the best option

    • Prometheus says:

      Hey Fabrizio, believe me when I tell u Cardmastertrust is a scam. They just scammed me for $437 yesterday. I got in touch with them through undermarket. Anyone who make a sale on undermarket is a scam. heed my warnings guys. Cardmastertrust is a scam and the website so called undermarket is a Scam either. u can only find some legit vendors on Wallstreet Market. But very Vegilant, not everyone there are legit. I have been searching for a legit vendors on Tor for a while now but still doing my research. I will post if I come across any trustworthy Vendors

  52. Carderista says:

    Does anyone know if they legit? They have some videos on youtube

  53. Mung Ray says:

    Fuck You Black Monster don’t buy from them they are legit a Scam, Trust me I got Emails and everything

  54. Joseph Phalman says:

    No real vendor will have a website. Neither will it be cheap. You need money to make money. The carder’s going way away from legitimacy to provide you this service. No information except his e-mail will be accessible to you if it’s real. And that too will not be publicly available.

  55. Fox says:

    Who knows how to get a Fake real ID ? I have tried few vendors they’re scams

  56. Fox says:

    I need western union transfer any know real vendor? With proof

  57. Idrone says:

    Be aware, is a big scammer

  58. Likemydarling says:, never buy from him, absolute scam

  59. Ifindcc says:, well know old scammer, dont trust

  60. Email me to get a Legit vendors email address.
    He doesn’t have a website and doesn’t advertise much. Due to obvious reason stupids won’t understand..

    My email:

  61. patlim says:


    Any one know about http://slwc4j5wkn3yyo5j.onion/index.html ? i interested to have some prepaid debit card

  62. Austin says:

    Everyone here trying to buy cc from scammers but no one talks about how to get them, I’m very interested as to how people do this.

  63. Service says:

    Can any one tell me that is real or fake I am going to buy from them so please tell he is real or fake

  64. Service says:

    Please tell me that black monster is real or fake of you had proof please send it on

  65. Garet says:

    Does anyone have any credit card numbers I could have I’m just getting started I’ll pay

  66. Johny says:

    Thank you buddy you had a real. Seller I bought a card from a man in low price and it really works and card also received in 4 days you are great to help me Mr.

  67. Service says:

    Yeah I buyed dumps and revieved it ??

  68. vikmag says:

    has some one buyed from Blackmonster Credit Cards Store? is it a scam or not?

  69. jsm says:

    I have been looking for a vendor for 6 months now with no luck. Tired of being scammed. I am looking for vendor, i am a serious buyer but will need a test card to verify if you are legit. Can start with a virtual card to make sure cards work without waiting for delivery. Please email me at

  70. Simon says:

    Guys please dont ever buy from Cashland. Complete scammer, im crying

  71. Jonathan says:

    I have bought 3 working credit cards from methylzeno at the dark web, at first I also quite worry of getting myself scam, but guess what their shipping is much faster than I expected, it only took 4 days to reach my country( Australia). They have working EMV chips card so u don’t have to worry if u don’t have skimming machine in your country. But make sure you don’t use it nearby bank or atm. It is advisable to throw it after u made 5 to 6 purchases. You can try contact him.

  72. Aga says:

    Any real vendors never post hereor thoose website. I dont sell but i can teach you how can you do that 😉

  73. richard says:

    thanks a lot!!! I received my card just now

  74. Itsagirl says:

    I’m so glad I didn’t fall for one of these. I was about to but found this sand oh man I would have been mc fucked

  75. Carlos Valasquez says:

    Too many scammers! Only legit vendor i’ve found after getting scammed 10 times!!! Is

  76. Chad says:

    I know a guy who sells and he is legit, but he i a bit expensive but its worth it, and also you have to also be on his waiting list. Email me on if you need his email. first ten people gets it, he doesn’t like too many people

  77. Chad says:

    yes i bought from a guy he is very reliable and expensive but trust me its worth it. here is my Email message to get his E mail

  78. Duke says:

    If interested in doing business i have a few cards for sale please email only and in the subject bar put darkweb credit

  79. PPone says:

    Forget about credit cards, western union, bank transfers that someone can do for you … if something else exists there are private groups that do it for themselves. The only thing that can be put on the deep web is mainly paypal tranfers, it wants a little bit of experience but it is not so much so if you want to let me somewhat clarify you, ask me.

  80. polarpill says:

    So , there are no hope ? Only scam after scam. How can i get in to that trust circle ??? Lost quite a mount money , and still nothing.

    • Prometheus says:

      Polarpille, u and I both. I just got scammed yesterday by a group of assholes on Tor, a site called undermarket. They riped me off $437. It seems like getting easy money doesn’t come that easy buddy. I have never been this pissed before. But don’t lose hope bro. nothing good comes easy. Undermarket is full of scammers. Now am trying out Wallstreet and see if I will come by a trustworthy vendors. Stay tune man. I will keep u posted

      • clare-louise says:

        hi ive been doing a lot of research and have come to the conclusion that undermarket is a complete scam. Im really interested in buying CC’s so if anyone has any info that can be proven that they arent a scam i will gladly pay, Did you find anything?

  81. Cardibean says:

    Any real card vendors I could contact?

    Please let me know.

  82. cameron says:

    I have have availability to take on one and only one more loyal and regular client. My pass my screening test.

  83. Federick says:

    We use cc’s to purchase high balance pre-paid cards, and then sell the cards on. The money can’t be taken off them, they are essentially a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere in the world.

    Yes they cost more, $500 for $3,500 balance, but you can’t get caught, they aren’t linked to a bank account and you can use them online, ATM (withdrawal limits apply) and in store.

    Contact me if interested:

  84. Kribbe says:

    Which one

  85. Bobbybo says:

    These 3 websites are scouches
    I have tried to order prepaid visas and mastercards from (http://blackph5fuiz72bf.onion black&white cards), (http://dreamrvfuqrpzn4q.onion/ Dreamweavers) and (http://xseiwyma2s3wdxmz.onion Imperial market) but after receiving my payment I have not heard anything from them.

  86. LEGIT says:

    Guys you need to know that the real vendor will not advertise as they don’t need to look for clients but they have very few loyal customers who they always sell there products And with their friends and family. I was scam lots of time till I found a LEGIT vendor. I am allowed to share his contact to help people like me. He is very discreet and also take times to answer your email. Send me a mail on JENISSEN@PROTONMAIL.COM. you will be happy with result. He uses only passage transfer on skrill.

  87. Waiting was painful, after the first one arriving I calmed down. I got card with 1,6x more money on it than I invested. I was very calmed and even forgot about the other card I had ordered. Luckily that one arrived too, I had made 1,75x money with another one.


  88. Hiddencards says:

    hello everyone i am looking for just 20 regular buyers i can trust to buy cards from me
    strictly business email on that if u want legit cards just want 20 regular buyers if u have any question male me and i only deal with bitcoin and a additional fee for all shipping of cards

  89. Azurro says:

    As everyone here I also got scammed many times, after a long search I came across a vendor on Dream who sold me an American Express platinum card with 20K balance on it, but i was only able to get 2k out of it. After that he gave me this mail disappeared “” he is oit of stock many times but he can be trusted if you mail him tell him JR send me, because he doesn’t do business with strangers, sorry for the bad english thank me later;)

  90. MICHEL says:

    Hello everyone, I was tricked 5 times, approximately 1500 usd. It is really painful. After several attempts and 2 years of being in the deep web, I realized that there is no legitimate vendor. For that reason I began to investigate with friends hackers. I could contact a legitimate seller, but only sell cards with very high balances. They can send you an email

  91. Trinity says:

    He is a real seller –

  92. the HOOD says:

    First off its funny that you would think a legitimate vendor would advertise it never ever happens except if he is selling you something else….why would i advertise and get busted vendors are being busted by scam buyers that’s why never ever advertise……if you want to buy, use a secure mail protocol and mail (texas) you will only get responded to if you can prove your authenticity, still doesn’t guarantee you being responded to anyways….vendors very rarely need new customers except vendors selling other things lol.

  93. Noah Scott says:

    I’ve got around millions of sellers *about 6* who scammed me I’ve found 2 vendors who just mind there own business not advertising at all. They run out of stock a lot because they only have a few scimmers installed he told me one of the vendors emails:

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