Blueprint to Massacres: Guide to Maximizing Your Kill Count

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

By Full Force Frank

Hey! How are y’all doin’? This is Frank, yer eDICKtor. I’m sorry about taking up space with dat disclaimer on top, but I figure that an essay dealing withMAXIMIZING MASS-MURDER KILL COUNTS leaves a noticeable draft on your humble eDICKtor’s valuable position as a respected and law-abiding member of the community. So, I am covering MY ASS with a disclaimer up there! So anyway, today is December 22, 1989, a coupla dayz before Christmas.

Is your humble eDICKtor thinking of partridges in pear trees? Is he dream- ing of a “White Christmas”? Is he prowling the streets of Brooklyn carrying mistletoe and holding it over strange women’s feet as he pulls off their shoes and kisses their feet?

Is it even remotely possible that the festive holiday season has managed to penetrate his psychopathic soul???

The answer to ALL these questions is NO! On December 6th, about 2 weeks ago, Marc Lepine killed 14 young women in Montreal, Canada and set an all-time record high for mass-murder kills in one day for that country.

Ever since then Frankster has had a major case of mass-murder on his otherwise care-free and light headed brain. So, here we are, after two weeks of these thoughts floating around my brain, they are finally being put into written form in this essay.

Isn’t THAT special?! Let me first state the topic of this essay, which is: How To Kill A Large Number Of People Using A Gun (Or Guns). Yes, you CAN kill lots of people in other ways, such as poison, bombs, arson, etc…BUT you won’t learn how in THIS essay! HELL NO! Only GUNS are discussed in THESE pages.

Yes, my friends, it’s the All-American pastime called: Maximizing Your Mass-Murder Kill Count- sure to come in handy on NUMEROUS occasions! The record high for mass-killings in the United States in a single day using guns is TWENTY-ONE. On July 18, 1984, James Oliver Huberty walked into a McDonalds fast-food restaurant in San Ysidro, California and shot 21 people dead. That is the record high.

I personally think that is NOT a very high number. Talk is cheap- talk is VERY cheap, my friends! So, let’s SHOOT the bull for awhile…

The making of a successful massacre involves the following: good guns, a powerful and LARGE quantity of ammunition, good shooting technique, element of surprise attack, inability of victims to escape from confined areas, good mental state of gunman, attack of a poorly defended location, and a single and clear-cut goal.

In MY opinion, this is THE basic checklist of the ingredients needed for a successful massacre. Of course, there are NO guarantees… Hell, you might invade a nunnery and one of the sisters might have a loaded automatic underneath her habit and blow you away before you can even START your massacre! The very nature of mass-murder involves possibilities of risk and failure.

What follows are simply my thoughts on how to maximize the body count and minimize the risk of failure. We begin with guns and ammunition. The following have absolutely NO BUSINESS being used in a massacre attempt: ALL .22, .25, .32, .38 caliber guns, ALL revolvers, ALL semi-automatics with a magazine capacity of LESS than 13 rounds. Look, we all know that any one bullet can kill any one person, assuming that a head or heart shot is made.

However, massacres are not controlled situations- we need to use ammunition of sufficient power to cause death without necessitating perfectly placed shots. And, in addition, we need a large quantity of ammunition in a short period of time.

Thus, ALL of the “minor” caliber guns are out, and all revolvers are likewise eliminated. A .357 or a .44 caliber magnum revolver is quite decent for something like an assignation attempt (or serial killings), but the have NO PLACE in a massacre.

In massacres, a balance must be reached between (1) A need for destructive power, and (2) A need for a large amount of ammunition to be accessible and ready to be fired immediately. This leaves semi-automatics and full-automatics. Fully automatics are THE best, but they are very difficult to acquire.

There are books that describe how to convert a semi-auto rifle to fire fully automatic, but I personally feel that unless you are an experienced machinist or gunsmith, that the risks of attempting a successful conversion outweigh the benefits of full-auto firepower.

A semi-automatic, either rifle OR pistol, will get the job done only slightly less successfully than the full-auto. Here are some conservative numbers (it is quite easy to operate semi’s even faster than this with some practice):

During a massacre, taking general aim without sighting in one the target, one round can easily be fired every two seconds. If you choose to sight in on the target, one shot every three seconds.

Releasing an empty magazine, inserting a fully loaded one and cycling a round into the chamber is easily done in five to seven seconds. Using these figures, it is obvious that in the time span of five minutes (which equals 300 seconds), between 100 and 150 rounds of ammunition can EASILY be fired.

This number COULD approach TWO HUNDRED if the gunman is familiar with the weapon and has practiced speed shooting at a firing range prior to the massacre attempt. What caliber of ammunition is best? My personal choice is the 9mm (nine millimeter) round. Besides the 9mm, I also like the .308 Winchester, the .223, and the .45 ACP.

As I said earlier, a balance between powerful ammo and the need for a large amount of ammo is vital. Tipping the scale too far in either direction could limit your kill count. I like the 9mm “speciality” rounds.

These bullets cost around $1.25 EACH, but if you’re going to do a massacre, I cannot see money being a viable consideration.

The “Glaser Safety Slug” is a 9mm bullet loaded with about 50-60 tiny pellets of #12 gauge shot that explodes upon impact with the target. The “Multiple Projectile Cartridge” actually separates into TWO bullets once it is fired from a gun, BEFORE it makes contact with it’s target, thus for every round fired, two separate bullet entry wounds are created, each about 2-4 inches apart from the other.

Anyone looking to maximize kill counts should consider these “buck-a-bullet” rounds. BUT, an important point must be made; MANY guns, even BRAND-NEW ones, will only feed certain bullet types reliably.

For example, many 9mm guns will feed heavy, full metal jacket bullets perfectly, but if you use a lightweight hollow-point, there will be an occasional “failure to feed”. When you are in the middle of a massacre, the LAST thing you need is for something like THIS to happen!

Practice your shooting using the EXACT same ammunition that you plan to use in the massacre.

If you EVER experience even ONE failure to feed or “stovepipe jam” using a particular ammunition, then you should NEVER consider using this ammo in your massacre. What you SHOULD consider is having your gun modified to feed that particular ammo if you feel it is best for your massacre.

Any gunsmith can do this for you.

All you have to do is bring the gun and a box of the ammo to the gunsmith. He can “customize” your gun so that it will feed that ammo perfectly. Another thing that most any gunsmith can do is replace your gun’s standard “magazine release button” with an extra-large and quicker releasing one.

This offers a small but possibly significant advantage in a massacre-type situation where the gunman must release the empty magazines many times and replace them with fully loaded ones. An extra-large button can make this action quicker and more fumble-free, especially since the midst of a massacre is a stressful time for the gunman.

Lets talk magazines:

Since a gunman can easily fire 100-150 rounds in a five-minute time span, it is fairly obvious that one can never have too much ammunition on hand. Anyone who undertakes a massacre with less than 500 rounds on hand is limiting himself. It may be that he will never get a chance to shoot half that, but having more than need can never hurt (but, having LESS than needed can HURT PLENTY!).

Personally, I would take ONE-THOUSAND rounds… Yes, it will be heavy, especially if you carry it all on your person, but HEY- NOBODY EVER SAID MASSACRES WERE EASY! If you want easy, then commit suicide.

Successful massacres take dedication, planning, effort, and determination… and MONEY too! You will need magazineS, LOTS of ’em! This is no problem in terms of acquiring- any gun dealer will order, direct from the factory where the gun was made, any number of magazines with no questions asked. For example: if your gun uses 30 round magazines, you will need to order THIRTY-THREE mags.

Yes, 33! And fully load ALL of them with 30 rounds of ammunition before you set out on your massacre. This will give you 1000 rounds at your immediate disposal during the massacre. Obviously, if your semi-auto accepts smaller or larger magazines, then you need to adjust the number of magazines needed accordingly.

You MUST have ALL of your magazines FULLY LOADED when you begin the massacre, in order to maximize the kill count! It is FOOLISH to plan on taking a “time-out” during the massacre to reload an empty magazine. It only takes 5 to 7 SECONDS to release an empty magazine an insert a new, fully loaded one. To actually LOAD an empty 30 round magazine would take about TWO MINUTES!

This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE in a mass-murder situation. A semi-auto pistol that uses a 15 round magazine will do the job only a LITTLE slower than a semi-auto rifle that uses 50 round mags! As long as you start out with FULLY LOADED mags, and have a LOT of them, then a 15 round semi-automatic pistol is good enough. Obviously, the rifle would be BETTER, but the advantage would be quite small in my opinion.

ANYONE who undertakes a massacre carrying only ONE firearm is a FOOL! Guns DO jam. Guns malfunction. If you have only one and it fails after you’ve only shot a few people, then your massacre is “shot to hell” (no pun intended)! Unless you can clear the malfunction, the WHOLE THING IS OVER! You MUST carry a MINIMUM of TWO GUNS, and if at all possible, they should be IDENTICAL! EXACT same make and model.

The reason this is important is because of the MAGAZINES. If both guns are identical, then ALL of the magazines you are carrying will function in EITHER gun. This is a BIG advantage. I will say this: It is better to carry TWO guns, both identical, than it is to carry FIVE guns that each use different mags.

The odds of two guns malfunctioning at the same time are very small. Obviously, if you can get THREE guns of the SAME make and model, that’s better than two! However, anything over three guns is OVERKILL (no pun intended)! It is much better to carry extra magazines than it is to carry extra guns.

Three guns are enough.

Carrying more than that will slow you down, and could limit the number of MAGAZINES that you can carry. In this case, BULLETS are MORE important than guns.

We now move to a new topic, which is: “Good Shooting Techniques”.Good shooting techniques in a mass-murder situation are different than in any other shooting situation. Accuracy is NOT very important.

Making every shot count is NOT very important. Conserving ammunition is NOT very important. “One shot-one kill” is NOT very important.

Avoiding hitting innocent bystanders is of NO IMPORTANCE AT ALL!!! I will tell you what IS important: It is VITAL that you get people down on the ground at the start of the massacre.

This is so they cannot escape or try to wrestle your weapon away from you. At the start of a massacre, you NEVER aim at ANYONE’S head!

You shoot in wide arcs, covering all of your targets, and you aim at the midsection of the body.

You hit people in the lower chest, stomach, groin, and upper thigh area… the midsection. This is THE most effective type of fire at the START of a mass killing.

The wounds caused by these midsection will put the injured ON THE GROUND. FATALITY is NOT the goal of this first barrage of gunfire. The goal IS to immobilize the people so that your position is unchallenged by ANYONE.

Even those people not hit by gunfire will most likely be in shock over all the blood pouring out of their friends/relatives/co-workers,etc… Once this initial barrage of gunfire, probably 40-60 rounds worth has been fired.

Now you can deliberately sight in on the wounded and finish each one off with four or five shots to the chest area. 4-5 hits to the chest area have a about a 95% fatality rate. Since the chest area is BIGGER than the head, that is why I would aim at the chest.

However, the visual feast of seeing “brains getting blown out” is an important consideration. If you are an experienced target shooter and have good eyesight (I do not have good eyesight), then you can choose to concentrate on head and face shots rather than those to the chest. The fatality rate will be just as good, if not better, and you will have the more exciting visual situation.

However, if you are not experienced with shooting the gun, then I suggest sticking to the chest area to maximize the kill count.

One VERY important point: If your massacre takes place in a situation where one or more of the people involved attempts to resist OR to encourage other people to resist, OR is viewed as an “authority figure” by the other members of the group you plan to massacre, you MUST, I repeat you MUST kill this person first!

Shoot him 25 times!!! Mutilate his body with gunfire! This is crucial- you MUST assume COMPLETE CONTROL over the group at the START of the massacre. Let me explain: The fact is that if you are a lone gunman against…let’s say…fifty people.

Those fifty people, all unarmed even, can easily rush you and disarm you IF they have a “leader”, someone who gives the orders and is respected and viewed as an “authority figure” by the others in the group. This type of situation virtually never occurs, because people are in shock and are too frightened to think of anything except begging for mercy, praying to God, hugging their wounded friends, etc… But if there is a leader in that group of people, then HE IS DANGEROUS!

You MUST single him out and kill him FIRST! If you kill him, then the other people will immediately abandon any thought of overpowering you by sheer numbers. The way to spot an “authority figure” is to locate the source of the loudest coherant words and/or shouting of instructions.

Nobody ever expects a massacre- There will definately be TOTAL confusion as the shooting begins. IF there IS indeed an “authority figure” present, this person will most likely attempt to give some “orders” by shouting things like: “Run to the nearest exits!” or “Don’t panic people!” or “Rush him! Grab his gun!”, etc… Your job as a mass killer is to locate the person whose voice you hear- everyone else will be crying or praying or screaming incoherantly.

Locate this “authority figure” and concentrate your gunfire on him and anyone around him until the shouting of instructions stops! Then, this “leader” is most likely dead, and you can resume sweeping the entire area as before. In closing, I will say this: There is absolutely NO excuse for any large number of WOUNDED people to survive.

If you shoot a person anywhere, even if it’s only in the arm or the leg, this person is most likely on the ground. He is an easy target. Finish him off with a burst of gunfire to the head or chest. Fatalities are what count- not the wounded that eventually recover.

Don’t ever be stingy with the ammunition- Like I said before, carry 500 rounds as the minimum. If someone is lying on the ground and you see him moving an arm or a leg, shoot into that area until you see his body jerk and you recognize a hit, then continue to sweep the entire room. Don’t spend TOO much time on any one person, but DO keep in mind that as long as someone is moving he is still alive. DO NOT assume that he will bleed to death… FINISH THE JOB!

I personally view Patrick Purdy’s Stockton, California schoolyard shooting spree as a horrible failure in terms of body count. He fired approx. 110 shots, hit 34 people, and only KILLED FIVE PEOPLE! From my point of view, this is hard to believe. There were 29 OTHER people, most LITTLE CHILDREN who were HIT by GUNFIRE! But Purdy did NOT finish the job.

They WERE on the ground…he just failed to finish them off! Marc Lepine, on the other hand, shot a total of 27 people; of those 27, FOURTEEN of them DIED! This is OBVIOUSLY much more impressive than what Purdy did. More than HALF of those that LEPINE shot ACTUALLY DIED. 14 fatally shot, 13 shot but survived.

I personally feel that ANY massacre, where more than HALF of those shot survive their wounds, must be considered a failure, at least from the point of this essay. Let me just emphasize once again that this essay deals with only ONE particular aspect of mass-murder, and that is how to obtain aMAXIMUM BODY COUNT.

I’m not saying that this is the best or only proper (?) way to do a mass-murder… I will not argue with anyone who says it is more “courageous” to do a mass-murder in a police station rather than a schoolyard… But the entire focus of this essay is centered on the one goal of MAX. DEATH!

O.k., let us now briefly examine the “element of surprise attack” and it’s importance to mass-murder. I do NOT think it is a very crucial element. The fact is that most EVERY mass-murder is a TOTAL surprise.

NOBODY can EVER predict that a certain person will attempt a mass-shooting on a particular day in a particular place.

The only precautions a gunman needs to take involves simple common sense. If you write threatening letters in which you indicate that you are planning a massacre in a particular location, then you are a FOOL!

If you are driving towards the place you plan to do a mass-killing and you get out of your car a block away and walk the final block with your rifle clearly visible to everyone on the street, then you are a FOOL!

I’m sure you get the point- If you are serious about doing this and use ordinary common sense in your approach, then the “element of surprise attack” will be successful. The next point is “picking a poorly defended place to attack”.

This is a bit more complicated. Obviously, to maximize the body count, you do not attack a police station. You may kill 3 or 4 pigs, but since there is an abundance of firearms there, eventually a pig will shoot you!

I’m not knocking this idea- it’s damn decent… but if you wish to achieve a maximum body count, it’s the WRONG way to go! It is a fact that LOTS of ordinary people own guns for self-protection purposes. Anytime you attempt a mass-murder, you run the risk of an ordinary citizen pulling out a gun and shooting you.

This CAN happen in most any situation, although some things DO increase the likelihood.

ANY massacre attempt in a truly large or wide-open area such as an amusement park, stadium, movie theatre, etc. involves a considerably high risk.

One of the places with the LEAST risk are SCHOOLS: large number of people to kill, and a very minimal risk of return-fire. Another ideal situation is one in which the gunman is familiar with the people he is killing.

For example: a man can throw a big party for all his close “friends” and relatives. In most cases, he will know with near certainty that none of these people carry guns, thus virtually no risk of return-fire.

Another useful tool in CERTAIN situations is the FRISKING of people for weapons.

This is NOT APPLICABLE in MANY situations due to the time factor. But if a gunman enters a confined area with no suspicion aroused to anyone on the outside, then he could produce his weapon, point it at the people, order them to put their hands over their heads, and then perform a frisk on each person. Then, he can open fire and begin the massacre with complete confidence, knowing that none of the victims are armed. One thing is certain:

When you attempt a mass-murder, you risk your own life in the process. You must be willing to die. This does NOT mean that you should commit suicide at the end of the massacre, or that you should force a gun battle with the police when they arrive on the scene. If you choose these options that is up to you, and I respect that.

I would not do either of these two things.

I do not hate myself. I hate other people and I hate society in general. I may be WILLING to die, hell, I MUST be willing to die if I attempt a mass-killing… This does NOT mean, however, that I am EAGER to die, or have a “death wish”. Let us move merrily along to: “Inability of Victims to Escape From Confined Areas”.

This is rather important, and is something that is sometimes overlooked. Mass-murder can happen in an open area, such as a stadium, concert, etc… or just prowling the streets… Witness Howard Unruh, who killed 13 people in one day prowling the streets of Camden, New Jersey back in 1949…

However, entrapping and containing a group of people in a confined area would seem to be the best way to maximize the kill count. A gunman who plans to attack a certain building, house, or room should attempt to familiarize himself with the layout of the structure.

The basic questions must be: How many exits to the outside are there from the structure, how many does each particular room have, and where do they lead? You need to take into account the fact that every individual room could be used as a confined area.

Most buildings have MORE than ONE exit, even private houses have a front and back exit. If you do not think this through in your mind, the consequences can be VERY serious.

You MUST know where the exits are located in order to plan an attack. If the building that you plan to attack is a small one with only people that you have chosen to kill inside, then you must find a way to seal off all exits except the one through which you enter. On the other hand, if the building is large and you do NOT have any particular victims in mind, it may not be necessary to seal off outside exits.

What you can do is create a “confined area” in INDIVIDUAL ROOMS. Most rooms have only one door leading into a hallway. There is no exit from the room onto the street, only into a hallway. With only one door, it is a cinch to block this door with your own presence and massacre all the people in that room.

If the rooms have windows, then you need to consider this as a possible method of escape. Another useful detail is whether the door opens from the inside outward, or from outside inward.

Let me give you an example of an ideal massacre situation: a large room full of people located in a large building, no windows in the room, only one door leading into the hallway, and this door opens from the outside inward, meaning that someone in the hallway would have to push the door FORWARDS to enter the room.

This scenario would be IDEAL for a massacre. Mass-murderer heaven (or should I say hell?). Of course, it’s not necessary to have this “perfect” type of situation in order to do a successful massacre… ANY type of building or room can be turned into a “confined area” as long as the gunman is familiar with the layout. Blocking off all of a buildings exits prior to a massacre with the use of a large bottle of gasoline (setting off a fire in front of each exit) is one possibility.

The next item is : “A Good Mental State of the Shooter”. 

To some people it may sound strange to refer to a “good mental state” during a mass-murder rampage, but I see nothing strange about it.

There is absolutely NOTHING inherently insane about mass-murder- it is a conscious, rational decision that a person reaches after considering all the options and deciding the act of killing a group of people is a worthwhile and logical thing to do, based on this person’s own reality and life experience.

I think this is true for most mass-murderers. Sometimes a gunman has been found to be HIGH on drugs and/or alcohol at the time of the massacre. This is NOT common. Most massacres occur when the gunman is COMPLETELY SOBER.

My personal opinion is that a person who is stone-cold sober as he massacres his victims is more likely to get genuine pleasure from the killings. More importantly, the massacre will be a completely honest and true expression of his anger, rather than having the emotions expanded or diluted by drugs and/or alcohol. I feel that this is even MORE important if the gunman plans to NOT commit suicide- If he is captured, he will spend the REST OF HIS LIFE either in jail or a mental hospital.

The WONDERFUL MEMORY of HIS massacre will have to sustain him for the REST OF HIS LIFE! If he was high during the massacre, his memory could easily be distorted or blurry. On the other hand, if he was stone sober, the details will remain etched on his mind and soul for as long as he lives, at least this is my opinion.

The gunman also needs to have: “A Single and Clear-cut Goal”. Ideally, he will have replayed the massacre THOUSANDS of times in his MIND BEFORE he actually commits it… This way, every scenario that could possibly occur will have been thought out by the gunman. AND…he will have chosen to act on the one that will bring him the MOST PLEASURE- the one that he views as being most true to his own personal hate and anger and view of the world that created him and turned him into a person unable to feel compassion for any other human being.

The massacre itself must be single-minded, as there will be NO TIME to THINK about the actual scene as the bullets are flying… The memory will be forever etched in his mind, but as it’s coming down ALL thoughts MUST be on the practical: changing magazines, aiming at the different people, moving from one area to another, on guard for any counter-attack, etc… I personally feel that in most cases one thought is flashing through his mind over and over as the bullets fly out of his weapon and into human flesh- and that thought is “WHY?”

I think that as he kills, as he sees the blood pouring, the life ebbing out of other human beings because of him, deep within his soul he is thinking “WHY?”. No, he feels NOT ONE SHRED of pity or remorse… He is simply recalling his own dead soul and mourning for himself.

He is mourning his own dead soul as he murders the people. This is how I view the act of mass-murder.

Hey everybody!!! I think I’ve finished… Wuz dat a heavy trip, or what??? As you probably realize by now, I wasn’t bullshittin’ when I wrote in the beginning of this essay that Frankster has had a major dose of mass-murder on his brain. Now all of youse guys and gals have a tiny snippet of my reality. Just be grateful and thankful that you don’t actually have my brain with you for a lifetime like I do. All of you can just put down this zine, throw it in the garbage, or stuff it on a shelf and go back to your own realities.

I can’t do that. THIS is MY reality and it NEVER goes away… It’s here EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY of EVERY YEAR until the day I die.

As usual, I welcome ANY and ALL comments, questions, ideas, theories, etc…

Either positive or negative, it does not matter- NOBODY can EVER reach deep enough into my soul to change my mind about anything, but I do like to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Thanks for reading my mind.

                                  -December 22, 1989

* [ A special note from Psycho:

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                     Later folks, I gotta go practice firearm safety-


                                          -The Green River Killer ]

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