The Illegal Guide to Credit Card Verifications Part 1: Create Your Own Credit Card Numbers

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

The Illegal Guide to Credit Card Verifications Part 1: Create Your Own Credit Card Numbers

Subject: Bypassing just about ANY online credit card verification method with credit card numbers you generated.                                                                                                 Description: How to use it, common security measures used AND the formula to creating your own.

When it’s usable: If you want to get something.

What the nice possibility is: I forget.

What the evil possibility is: Register all those 30-day trial programs you have. NOTE: this has been written in an very detailed manner, so if you don’t get it, then you might not be as smart as you think you are.


Hi, After being quite silent, finally something from us again. We had a couple of problems but are over that now, hopefully we can start creating something again.

This file was written after I discovered the formula of the credit card number system. It happened by accident, I just filled in a MasterCard number and worked it back to it’s beginning, then I worked up again.

I verified all credit card numbers I generated so far with Aritech’s Verification Engine. I and others also tested random credit card numbers on sites.

We usually got them to work one way or another. Just not yet. 🙂

They use’s verification method and we couldn’t figure out a way past that. Verisign’s verification method isn’t fooled either.

So, if you want a product you’ll have to go out and find a site that is vulnerable. (E-mail me when you find one. 🙂 Good luck.


You need to start with a credit card number to get new ones. I suggest you snatch your moms and work from that, because a lot of people will use the credit card numbers mentioned here.

For my example, I’ll use 5221111111111115 It’s a MasterCard and it expires on 02/02. For the formula it doesn’t matter when your card expires. MasterCard cards begin with a 5. Visa’s with a 4. Reading this will seem very complicated so open this text for a 2nd time and scroll to Appendix A to follow what happens.

You take 5221111111111115.
The system has as a standard that it adds 8 to the number for the next 
valid card.
5221111111111115 + 8 makes 
you keep adding +8 unless for the following exceptions.

You can't have two numbers that have the same 15 last digits so
5221111111111131 and 5221111111111139 is impossible.
5221111111111131 is valid. To get the next valid card number you add 
18. So you jump from
5221111111111131 to 5221111111111149

Normally, you'd just continue to add 8, but if your 2nd and/or 4th 
and/or 6th and/or 8th, etc, digit from right is a "5" your step 
changes from 8 to 7.
so from 5221111111111149 you jump to 5221111111111156
Again you add 8, as usual.
5221111111111164 +8
5221111111111172 +8
5221111111111180 +8
5221111111111198 +18 because 80 exists, so 88 ISN'T allowed

sometimes it will happen that you need to add 18, but then you land in 
a 5x area, then instead of adding 18, you add 17.
like so:
5221111111111842 +17
5221111111111859 +8 (things go back to normal)

When you change thousands, your step becomes 6, (8 - 2), when you'd 
normally do a step 18, and you'd then come into a new thousand, you 
add 16 (18 - 2).
Example of a +16 step:
5221111111111990 +16
5221111111112006 +8 (things go back to normal)

Example of a +6 step:
5221111111112998 +6
5221111111113004 +8 (things go back to normal)

When you change ten thousands, your step stays 6, however changing 
hundred thousands your step becomes a mere 4 (8 - 4). So when you'd 
normally step 18 because 4 is to little to change the 15th digit, you 
have to step 14. (18 - 4)
5221111111199995 +14
5221111111200009 +8 (things go back to normal)

When you change millions, your step stays 4, however changing tens of 
millions your step becomes a extremely small 2 (8 - 6) so when you'd 
normally step 18 you now step 12 to give you the following result.
Example of a +12 step:
5221111111999998 +12
5221111112000010 +18 (things go back to normal, coz 10 and 18 is 

You already know that when you change into a 5x, you need to subtract 
1 (8 - 1), now this is also true for 5xxx, 5xxxxx, 5xxxxxxxxx, etc. 
(thousands, hundreds of thousands, tens of millions)
however, if you change 5x4x to 5x5x or any other combination, you only 
need to subtract 1, so the amount of fives in a code does not matter. 
the step stays 7 (8 - 1).

I haven't run into any other exceptions, but let me know if you do.
Go to Appendix B for a list of credit card beginnings and their 
respective banks.

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