The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 7: Explosives

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 7: Explosives

Explosives have been used for many years as a form of assassination, and terrorism. Probably the most known group who uses explosives are the Mafia. Explosives can be used in many ways: under a car, in a light bulb, a light switch, etc…. There are many ways apply explosives the sky’s the limit.

The explosive is the actual cause of death, it’s the shrapnel which causes injuries that cause death. So keep that in mind when using explosives for assassination. In the following chapter I will supply you with different recipes for explosives use them how you will.

ANFO (original source – TAFE blasting course) (secondary source – Makeshift Arsenal) ANFO is the most commonly used commercial and agricultural explosive as it is cheap and does a good job, this is the explosive farmers use to blow stumps out of the ground and mines also use it on mass.

ANFO is the perfect earthmover with great heaving power brought about by a lot of effective energy and relatively low detonation velocity. ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel oil) can be manufactured by mixing 17 parts prilled AN with 1 part diesel and left one hour to let it soak in, it is than ready to use.

ANFO reaches its maximum effective energy at approx. 5.5% diesel remainder prilled AN. It is sensitive to detonation from 2% to 12% at which point the prills are saturated and will not hold anymore oil.

The Det velocity is dependent on the density of the loading and the confinement of the charge but typically detonates within the range of 3000 to 4500 m/sec.

The denser and more confined the higher the DV, it will have a density of approx. 0.8g/cc in the prilled form. Properly mixed anfo will detonate to 50 grams of high explosive. ANNM (secondary source – Makeshift Arsenal) ANNM (ammonium nitrate nitromethane) is a very powerful and sensitive binary explosive that holds more power and is more brisant than any commonly available commercial explosive (with the exception of PETN in detonators and det. cord).

To make ANNM 1 part pure nitromethane is added to 5 parts powdered AN and left 1 hr to soak in, in sealed container.

This explosive is very sensitive and I’ve never failed to detonate it using either of the peroxide explosives, to guarantee initiation a matchbox full of the explosive putty should be used however you could probably get by with half this amount. ANNM Plastique (original source – kitchen improvised plastic explosives) (secondary source – Makeshift Arsenal)

This is a very useful explosive containing the same qualities as strait ANNM but in a plastic moldable form. To make first add 1 part smokeless powder to 2 parts nitromethane in a sealed glass container, the nitromethane being a powerful solvent will break down the nitrocellulose and you will be left with a black sticky substance that will act like jelly. Now finely powder AN and add 1 part of this “jelly” to 3 parts AN and knead together with gloved hands AP Putty (secondary source – Makeshift Arsenal)

This explosive putty is made by the combination of two other explosives, those being acetone peroxide and double base smokeless powder. First the smokeless powder is turned into a paste by combining 2 parts powder to 3 parts acetone in a sealed glass jar, this is left for 3 days, you should now be left with a black paste with a viscosity slightly thicker than honey.

Pour the required amount of A.P into a bowl than slowly add the paste until the mixture has a moldable density than remove.

This is the explosive and to use just mould into a shape or around whatever, insert fuse and let dry (acetone will readily evaporate).

when it is rock hard simply light fuse and run. Incendiary Brick (Source – Iceman) (This bomb contains shrapnel) Materials Parts by Volume Powdered Potassium chlorate 40 Powdered Sulfur 15 Granulated Sugar 20 Iron Filings 10 Wax(Bee’s or candle) 15 Spoon Brick Mold Measuring cup or can Double Boiler Heat source


1. Fill the bottom of the double boiler with water and bring to a boil.

2. Place the top half on top of the bottom half and add the wax, sulfur, sugar, and filings in the proper amounts.

3. Stir well and blend all the materials evenly.

4. Remove the upper half of the double boiler and place away from heat source.

5. CAREFULLY add the required amount of potassium chlorate and stir again to obtain a homogenous mixture.

6. Pour the mixture into the brick mold and let it cool and harden. Lightbulb Bomb (Source – Hell’s Angel)


1. A few light bulbs

2. Torch (one that will melt glass, radio shack single cylinder model.)

3. Gasoline

4. Liquid soap

5. Epoxy glue

1. Make a hole in the light bulb about half an inch below the metal part. (don’t make it on the bottom, because if the seal you will make should break, the person/room you wanted to eliminate will notice the hole (the gasoline will drip on the floor.)

2. Now, carefully fill the light bulb about half full with gas, then the rest with soap (hold at an angle if you have to.) Now, use the epoxy glue and glue the hole.

3. Thirdly, take the epoxy glue and glue over the hole.

4. Finally, find a light socket and screw the bulb in. Make sure the light is off. If it is on, then, I will send flowers. Don’t test it, unless you are committing suicide.

The next few files aren’t really for killing but more for sabotage which might be necessary when a contract requests it. Molotov Cocktail I’m sure everyone has heard of this one.

The famous/infamous Molotov Cocktail. First a bottle is filled about 2/3 full with gas, a rag is than stuffed into the neck forming an tight fit, the rag is soaked in fuel.

Than you chuck it at the intended target. Don’t be a jackass and place it on the ground expecting it to blow up, cause it won’t.

Napalm (source – Makeshift Arsenal) Homemade napalm is most easily done by dissolving Styrofoam (white bead things in beanbags / protective packaging) in gasoline until you get a sticky white mess.

This method does work and you will end with a substance that will stick to anything and burn for a long period of time.

This is best used with a simple explosive to spread the burning mess around the surrounding area. For this purpose a simple pipe bomb can be used, however for a greater spread, the explosive putty in the Explosive section can be loaded into a container along with blackpowder along with smokeless powder stars.

Stars are added to the bomb to lengthen the flame of the explosion and more reliably ignite the napalm. Simply scoop the “napalm” into an easily burst container than load the explosive into the center.

These explosives also give a very nice looking mushroom flame upon detonation. Disk Bomb INGREDIANTS blue or white tip match heads Nail polish remover 1 3 1/2 Floppy disk Knife

First take the disk out of its jacket and do the following: Take a small dish and pour acetone (nail polish remover) into it. Now get a lot of matcheads and put them in it. Now pulverize it until you have a somewhat gooey consistency.

This is what you should brush on the disk in a thin layer. When the disk is booted it will heat up and set their comp on fire, and destroy his files.

Tennis Ball Bomb Materials: One tennis ball Alot of strike anywhere matches Scissors Tape First cut a hole in the top of the tennis ball, about 1 1/2 inches long.

After that place the broken match heads into the tennis ball.

Then if you want I suggest it, cut off the striking pads, fold them in half and put in the tennis ball with matches. Put tape over the hole to keep the matches from falling out.

WARNING! Do not toss the ball in your hand or grasp the ball hardly, the matches are set off by friction.

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