The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 3: Edged and Piercing Weapons

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 3: Edged and Piercing Weapons

Although firearms, are usually the most desirable weapons to employ in making a hit. Knives are excellent weapons as well. Their silence is the best thing about them. The
worst part is the closeness to the target.


Because of the intimacy of the knife and the need for closeness to the target, this is not one of the most popular forms of assassination. Feeling a marks body squirm in agony, feeling warm blood on one’s face, clothing, hands, etc., and viewing the terrified, desperate eyes of the target as he struggles frantically and hysterically against one’s
attempt to take his life is a very hard thing for anyone to deal with.


In choosing a blade, three factors should be considered: durability, keenness, and
balance. The handle should fit comfortably in your hand, it essential that you have a
sharp stabbing point and clean cutting edges.

Attack stance– Approach to within three to four feet behind the enemy and assume this stance. – Bend knees slightly with dagger held in lead hand while the other hand acts to seize and hold the enemy for the knife thrust.

It is likely that the enemy will drop their weapon, or headgear. If this happens, make no attempt to prevent any further noises. Remain still for a few seconds; listen for sound of pursuit. It is most likely these noises will be overlooked. If no sound of pursuit is heard, use the hold of your left arm to drag or carry the sentry backward out of sight.


Kill #1: Ice Pick Skull Stab

The best weapon for this attack is the icepick. It is absolutely essential that, once this attack is started; complete force must be used. In this case, our killer will be right-handed.

The killer is behind the target. Icepick is held securely in the icepick grip in the right hand. Thumb covers the tip of the weapon’s grip. This is especially important with an icepick, since the grip on an icepick is usually smooth. If your hand slips during
execution of the rear kill then your job will fail.

The following sequence must be done in a single, quick, powerful movement. With the left hand grip the target over the mouth and nose hard, and, while squeezing tightly, jerk his head backward while your weapon-hand rises high.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, plunge the blade up to the hilt right down into the center of the target head. Maintain a tight grip over mouth and nose to stifle any outcry. Maintain tight hold on both target and weapon, and lower target to the ground. Remove icepick and depart scene.

Kill #2 Icepick Double Hit Kill

Icepick is held in combat grip. Combat grip is just holding it with blade up. Killer
is behind Target. With left hand apply mouth and nose clamping-grip as you jerk targets
head up and back at the same time plunge the icepick up to the hilt into the targets

Withdraw the icepick quickly, maintaining a tight mouth and nose grip, and deliver a second kidney thrust, deep, and up to the hilt. Now this alone is a sure kill but it does not induce instant death. Then holding the target under tight control and maintaining a powerful grip to prevent outcry.

Then, still retaining mouth and nose hold, withdraw icepick. Twist target’s head to face away from your own right side as you raise the icepick to a position about eight to twelve inches from the right side of the target’s neck up to the hilt. Drive the icepick deep through the side of the target’s neck to the hilt.

Withdraw, maintaining nose and mouth grip and repeat. Lower target to the ground silently with icepick in his neck. After target is prone, withdraw icepick and depart scene.

Kill #3 Double Knife Hit Kill

Knife is held in combat grip as you ready yourself behind your target.
Left hand applies exact same mouth and nose grip as described in icepick methods. As target is jerked backward, the blade is plunged into the target’s kidneys up to the hilt. Do not withdraw knife, rather blade is twisted hard while retaining a very tight grip on the weapon.

Withdraw weapon and retain mouth/nose grip. Completion of this kill is achieved with either one of the following moves:

1) Maintaining mouth/nose grip, raise point of blade to neck, thrust in deeply, and press forward, thus effecting a total severing of the frontal portion of the throat and neck.

2) Reach forward in front of target’s trapped head and slash across front of throat,
cutting through target’s throat completely.

Kill #4 Covert Knife Kill

Holding the weapon in the right hand, behind the leg so the target permits your close approach, walk up to target and scratch your face with your left hand to get your left hand high without arousing the target’s attention or concern.

Immediately seize back of target’s neck with your left hand and, coordinating your next motion with this action, jerk target forward toward you. Thrust hard with your weapon straight up and into the throat or underside of the jaw or eye.

Once blade penetrates, twist viciously and withdraw. As target crumples over I recommend that a deep thrust into the kidneys is employed to assure target’s death.

Kill #5 Throat Slit

(From behind)
From attack position spring forward and cup the enemy chin with your left hand or free hands’ palm, lifting it clear of the throat. Draw the blade across the throat at the level of the cricoid cartilage, beginning at the hilt and stroking to the tip.

This attack slits the trachea, preventing any sort of outcry; then cuts deeper, severing the carotid sheath.

The sentry dies within twelve seconds due to lack of oxygen starvation of the brain. Unconsciousness occurs within five seconds.

Kill #6 Kidney Thrust

(From behind)
Spring forward from attack position, whipping the left wrist (open hand) into the enemy’s trachea to prevent outcry. The effectiveness of this blow is easily demonstrated by tapping one’s Adam’s apple with only one-twentieth of the force required.

This action disrupts the phrenic nerve, causing the diaphragm to cease pumping air in and out of the lungs. Simultaneously drive the dagger into the kidney horizontally. Cut to both sides by pushing and pulling the wrist side to side. Death results in thirty seconds and nothing can stop it.

Kill #7 Subclavian Thrust

(From behind)
Spring forward and clamp you’re open hand over the enemy’s mouth and nose in the method known as one-handed smother. Pull the nose between your thumb and the first joint of the index finger. Grip the jaws between the heel of the hand and the remaining fingertips.

This method alone takes well over two minutes to produce unconsciousness. Holding the knife in the ice-pick grip thrust the point well down behind the collarbone and cut side to side. Death will result in three seconds from severing the subclavian artery.

Kill #8 Heart Thrust

(From behind)
Spring forward, sliding your left arm over the enemy’s right arm and up to clamp the enemy’s mouth from below. Bend him backwards, breaking his balance to the rear. Drive the knife slightly upward under the rib cage, into the chest cavity to penetrate the heart. Cut side to side. Death comes in three seconds unconsciousness is induced instantly.

Kill #9 Jugular Thrust

(From behind)
Spring forward and employ the one-handed smother. Pull the enemy’s head to the left and thrust the knife with edges parallel to the ground well into the leading edge of the
sterno-cleio-mastoideus muscle running around the side of the neck. This severs the cartoid sheath, which contains the cartoid artery, the jugular vein, and the vagus nerve.
Cut side to side. Death ensures in twelve seconds, unconsciousness in five.

Knife Kill #10 Ambush from below

When there is barely any cover, consider attacking from below. (This method requires a dagger). First find a position where the enemy will pass and where you
may launch your assault.

As the enemy passes, cup his (left) rear foot in the palm of your hand (right), simultaneously poising the dagger in your left. Scooping the enemy’s foot forward as he shifts his weight onto his lead foot, lifting it clear from the ground and breaking his balance in the rear.

Pull the dagger beside your left ear. Holding it in an ice-pick position. As the enemy falls besides you, landing on his back, pivot to your right knee and drive the dagger into his heart.

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