The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 2: Unarmed Killing Techniques

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 2: Unarmed Killing Techniques

Unarmed Killing Techniques

Although unarmed killing isn’t the best way to kill a mark, it’s one of the quietest. There have been numerous killers in the world who’ve killed with nothing but their bare hands. I say congratulations to them. I wouldn’t suggest it though. I wouldn’t suggest it, but since I’m here to tell you about all the aspects of killing, I’m going to.

Unarmed Kill #1

From a natural, non-combative position in front of the target, snap a karate-style front snap kick with your instep up into his testicles. Try to deliver the kick with the intention of lifting the target off the ground. If you are very close to the target, your shinbone connecting with his testicles will be just as effective as your instep.
Seize the target’s hair with a strong, hard grip and with the opposite hand whip a hand-edge chop down as powerfully as you are able, directly into the nape of his neck, as you jerk his head up with your hair-grip.
Although the chop to the target’s neck will almost be certainly be a broken neck, follow through instantly by raising your striking hand again and delivering a second blow to the exact same point. Now deliver a third hand-edge blow to the target’s kidney. Keep the grip on their hair.
Jerk the target to the ground, if in fact he has not already begun to crumple totally, and get on his back with both of your hands now gripping the target’s head viciously and repeatedly on the floor. Arise and deliver a final heel-of-the-foot stomp on the marks spine.
Depart the scene.

Unarmed Kill #2

Without warning, shift your weight to the leg furthest from the target and raise the opposite foot about six inches off the floor. Drive a very powerful side thrusting-stamp kick into the target’s kneecap, and scrape the kicking foot hard down his shinbone, stopping the kick with a stomp on the target’s instep that literally pins him to the spot on which he is standing. He will have begun to lurch forward.
With your rearmost hand form an open palm and twist into the target, using the palm to deliver a chin-jab attack up and under his chin with killing force. Follow-through by gouging the target’s eyes with the fingers of your jabbing hand.
After the chin-jab is completed, allow the target to fall free of body contact with you. If the opening is there, kick instantly with your instep to his testicles. When he hits the deck follow-through as described in the previous attack.

Unarmed Kill #3

Employing the half-fist natural-weapon formation, suddenly drive a viciously hard direct thrust into the target’s throat, attempting to crush his windpipe with your blow. Your body should twist into this attack so that great force is imparted to the point.
As your blow lands, rapidly step in with your rearmost foot and whip a hard elbow across the target’s face. Now, step back slightly shifting your body weight to your rearmost leg. With the leg closest to the target, deliver a sidekick as described in the second attack. Follow through with chin-jab if possible. Be sure to immediately terminate the target once he is brought to the deck by stomping his spine/head/kidney with your heel, and smashing his head repeatedly into the pavement (ground).

Belgian Takedown

(From behind)
From the hands-and-knees position, bring your feet under your body so the weight rests on the balls of your feet. Reach for and grab your targets’ ankles from the outside
with both hands. Curl your fingers in toward the hand and place your thumb against the back of their calves to finish the hold. Remember that as soon as you start this your enemy knows your there so this must be done at maximum speed and you must not have a doubt or hesitation. Bend up quickly, bending at the waist and stepping back with the right leg to maintain balance. Pull your target’s legs from under him in an upward and backward direction, in a circular, quarter arc manner. Your target will fall downward if done correctly. This could break his neck causing instant death, but just to be sure by kicking him in the back of the neck at the base of the skull.

Naked Choke and Neckbreak (chair)

Crouching sufficiently to bring your chest level with the target’s head, quickly whip your left forearm across and under his chin. Jerk your forearm in and up, crushing his windpipe with your forearm blow. At the same time as your execute the above, drive your right forearm forward hard against the back of the target’s neck, keeping your right elbow a bit higher than your forearm. This will enable your left hand, after completing its encirclement of the target’s throat, to lock up snugly in the crook of your right arm at the elbow.

Once locked on, the attack is perfect, and no skill on the target’s part can free him. But the hold can be neutralized if improperly applied. So remember: apply the technique fast and hard.

With your arms locked securely on the target’s neck, lean forward hard as you step back, snapping the target’s neck over your arm with pressure from your right forearm. Jerk that left forearm back hard against the target’s neck. Your step back will compromise the target’s balance by offsetting the chair’s position with him sitting in it. The targets own bodyweight falling forward under the pressure of your attack will make a quick kill inevitable.

When the above attack is applied shut your eyes tightly, in anticipation of any possible attempt on the target’s part to attack your eyes with a rearward clawing movement. Naturally, your eyes are shut only at the moment the hold is locked on.

Naked Choke and Neckbreak (stand)

In the second choke variation, the target is standing in front of you, with his back facing you. All previous comments about the importance of applying speed and total power apply here.

With your left forearm, snap the throat blow across the target’s throat area as you apply a powerful close-in punch to the target’s right kidney with your own right fist. Be certain that your fist is clenched tightly. Twist your body into the punch.

The position of the target following the forearm blow will make the application of the right-hand forearm behind his neck a simple matter to apply. It should be instantly locked on as you take a deep step backward with your right foot. This places you in a powerfully balanced stance with leverage and strength totally on your side. It prevents the target from obtaining any aid from his stomach muscles in bending forward to resist your hold. It also makes it impossible for him to seize or strike your testicles, except possibly in a most impotent manner.

By exerting full power against the target’s neck you should effect a break within three seconds time.

O.S.S. Neckbreak

The target is seated before you in a chair that has a back no higher than his neck. It could also be applied against a man sitting on a stool or other item not having a back whatsoever.

Approach target on his left side and suddenly pass your right arm back across the front of his throat. Encircle his neck quickly, bringing your right hand in front of your chest and taking hold of your right hand with your left hand. Now arch up and back hard. Tighten your hold on the target’s neck with every ounce of force your are capable of exerting, and step back as you snap his neck over the back of the chair. Or snap it via the force of leverage alone, if the target’s seat is not on a chair with a back.

Front Forearm Stranglehold

A hard knee in the testicles, a front kick in the testicles, or any painful attack that brings the target forward while doubled-over must proceed the application of this technique.
Next quickly bring your left forearm up and under the target’s throat hard. As you do this, bring your chest against the target’s head and grab your own left hand with your right hand, snapping a vicious upward blow to the target’s neck. Arch up and back, effecting both a strangulation and neckbreak.

Ambush from above

First you must begin by gaining a position from above the intended target, wait for the enemy to come into range. Try to remember that when attacking from above, people seldom look up, and they shoot under the target when shooting up. After gaining a position above them, fix your eyes on the back of the enemy’s skull. Drop on the enemy, striking with your full weight.

Use your knees to strike his shoulders and drive him down, breaking your fall his body. Try not to land on his head due to the fact it may cause them to fall improperly. Even if they hear your attack, it will still succeed. Ride the body all the way to the ground (this will crush their spine). Then for a complete kill, strike the base of their skull with the right sword hand, thus breaking his neck.

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