The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 1

Friday, July 14th, 2017

The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 2: Unarmed Killing Techniques

by Jack_the_Rippa

To kill efficiently and proficiently one must understand the human anatomy and it’s weaknesses. That means the killer must have a great understanding of vital body organs, nerve centers, pressure points, and so forth. This does not mean you attempt an assassination with your bare hands, which would be totally foolish. Only a retard would attempt an assassination when a perfectly good weapon is available.

One critical factor that must always be kept in mind by the professional is that no victim is going to cooperate in his or her own execution. This may sound absolutely ridiculous but it’s not. Too many students of the art of assassination fail to understand just how much resistance a person will have when fighting for his life.

From the latter, it should be easy to understand, that when at all possible, the element of surprise be used. The surprise factor should eliminate any chance of mark becoming alert and have that adrenaline rush jump in causing much unnecessary trouble.

Killing isn’t some little game you play like “cowboys and Indians.” The mark doesn’t get up when the game is over. To kill, you can not have any compunction for another’s life. Walking up behind someone, using a weapon to kill an unarmed, unsuspecting target is one of if not the hardest things you could ever do in life.

One of my friends said it best when we were walking down the halls of our school a few years ago. He said, “I don’t even see faces when I walk down the halls, all I see are faceless nothings. These people mean less to me than the gum on the bottom of my shoe.” That is the kind of mindset necessary to be a professional killer.


By using the element of total surprise whenever possible, a lethal attack can be rather quickly executed against the following vital areas of the target’s body.


1. Top center of the head
An instantly fatal deep thrust can be executed here with an ice pick, combat knife, or a bayonet.

2. Front of the head
A killing blow here is easy to administer with a steel pipe or bar, a black jack, a club or other heavy bludgeoning objects.

3. Temple
Heavy objects will kill when applied with maximum force here. It’s also a great target for small arms fire, too.

4. Bridge of the nose
An instantly fatal target for a bullet. Providing a heavy object delivers a very forceful blow here can also be fatal. Even an empty handed blow here can be fatal, if you’ve ever seen the movie “Con Air” with Nic Cage, the final move he did on the drunk was called the Black Death. It’s taught by the military in unarmed combat.

5. Eyes
The eyes are one of the best targets for small arms fire. They are also good for gouging in unarmed self-defense. They are also good for thrusting assaults with combat knives. The main reason these points are lethal, is the fact that they are points of easy access to the brain.

6. Larynx
A good spot for a knife thrust a bullet and so on.

7. Sides of the neck
Fatal attack point for knives, hatchets, and garrotes.

8. Testicles (oooh!)
Although not a fatal point, it can be used as a setup to a kill. If you’ve ever been kicked in the balls you know it’s not the greatest feeling in the world. A front kick (or back) to the groin easily disables the target long enough to proceed in the killing of the target.

9. Cardiac Plexus
Another good target for a knife thrust. A bullet in the heart is obviously fatal. A well-trained martial artist can kill with a well-placed elbow or heel kick to this area.


1. Back of the skull and base of neck
An excellent target for assassination, a sharp knife-edge blow to the base of the skull, a bullet, or a sharp instruments i.e. knife, hatchet, steel pipe, etc.

2. Spinal column
Another good target for a hatchet, axe, or machete. A bullet is also a good choice for elimination, especially a shotgun bullet (shell).

3. Kidneys
A good target for a deep knife thrust a hit here is a definite kill. Why? The kidneys contain all the excrement such as urine and all the poisons that the body needs to get rid of, so you can see that a thrust here would release all these poisons into the body.

4. Anus (Aggh!)
Sad but true, how you ask is this a good place for a kill? Well you have an unconscious target you ram the barrel of the gun (.22) up his anus and fire. The reason it’s good? The muscles of the butt cause the cartridge to be silenced. Only for those special occasions obviously… man I feel dirty.

Specific ways to kill a mark are numerous. It all depends on the training and focus that the assassin has taken. It also depends on the mark… i.e. if the mark is known to have chronic heart problems, a well-placed blow to the cardiac plexus would do the job.

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