Art of Hunting People at Night

Saturday, June 24th, 2017



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First off i would like to welcome you to another file by Ultra. We only have three members currently and we are working hard to bring you original files to expand your knowledge on certain subjects. This file is some basic things you can do to enjoy life more. Just use your common sense to apply what you see here to real life.

Killing ——-

Death, it happens to everyone and everything. I will explain some simple ways to help others reach this faster than expected. Murder is fun. Killing another human can be the highlight of your life. You are thinking right now, “how sick”, and you are very wrong. After you have tasted blood you will only want more. Killing is more addictive then any other thing on the whole planet earth. Your first kill is the hardest but is also comparable to losing your virginity. You remember it the most because it was the first. One thing i must tell you now, never try to kill anyone or thing while your not in complete control of your mind. Do not even try to kill if you are drunk, or high, or spaced on drugs.

You will not accomplish what you want to do and will more then likely get yourself killed instead. If you have not seen the movie silence of the lambs go see it, or rent it. This movie will get you a basic feeling of how serial killers think, act, operate, the whole works. Read a few books on killing will also help. You just can’t run out your front door and expect to kill someone and run back home and succeed. Planning what you are going to do and how will help. You must first find a target or targets.

This can be someone you hate, an ex-lover, a teacher who gave you an F, the neighbors dog that always barks, just whatever sets you off. Then you must decide how you will kill the target. Many weapons are easily obtained. You could use your car to run over the damn dog next time it gets out of the yard. Just don’t drive through yards trying to smash it. Use common sense in determining the right place and time. I personally prefer using knives. They are harder to trace and cause more blood and you can get closer to the victim. You must be careful not to leave any of this blood on you, your clothes or the knife. Guns make lots of noise, but are most effective in quickly ending life.

You can take your time is possible and place a few shots to disable the victim while you enjoy their suffering then put a bullet through the brain to finish the job. If possible take your time and slowly enjoy it. Also be sure to make 100% certain they are dead. A few extra stabs, shots, hits, or kicks sure won’t hurt anything. If you are planning on killing someone make sure you will not be interrupted during the process. Find an out of the way secluded place. This could be in the middle of the woods, a vacant house, a lake cabin, somewhere that is private.

You could leave the body there or have an already selected hiding place. Water is an excellent choice. It helps remove any physical traces you might have left on the victim. Weighted bodies also helps in prolonging the time before they are found if they are found at all. Don’t just use ropes and a few rocks. Plan ahead and chain them to something that will not rot off. Let the victims leg, arm or head rot off before your anchoring device rots. You may also bury the victim but unless it’s somewhere really secluded it will be found. You should also place something over the area to keep animals from digging up the bones, or rain washing the soil away to expose the skeleton. Like a few rather large boulders, or the trunk of a very large dead tree.

You might also want to chop the victim up into small pieces and burn what if left. This will also make tracing very hard. If you do make sure to small the skull and teeth. Everyone has seen where they match dental records. Hell take a bat to their face after you kill them and smash it beyond any hope of recognition. No matter what you decide use common sense in selecting victim of revenge killings. If you get dumped don’t go and kill your ex the next day and expect to get away with it.

Premeditated murder will surely get you in the deep shit. Random and mass killings can be just as much fun and don’t require as detailed planning. If you have the time to travel you can goto another town and select a victim there. This can be done by picking someone up. Use your imagination. Then you could take them to a motel room, have them get the room and kill them in the night, drive back home and no one will be any wiser. Mass killing has always been a favorite of the media. Here are some tips i have learned that should help you in a mass killing.

The best weapon to use is a 9mm pistol for close range targets. Buy yourself two guns from different places at different times and days. To keep from drawing attention to yourself. Next you must get ammunition and many extra clips. Hollow point shells and about ten clips should do the job. Load all clips beforehand and have a few practice sessions at a gun range to get used to the weapon. Select your target for example, the local bridge club meeting at mrs smiths house or a high school basketball game. Choose a place with as few exits as possible.

This helps you keep everyone in one place and also lets you make sure you know who is coming so you can nail them too. Fire your first shots into the crowd at stomach level. This will get the people on the ground and off their feet. Don’t worry about anyone being dead just yet, take your time and enjoy them bleeding and writhing in agony. Next few clips should be used to kill anyone who seems to be trying to gain control of the group. Example a large muscular man is trying to lead the group into an attack or to organize something, shoot him first. Anyone who looks like trouble kill them. This saves the weak for last and eliminates any chance of you being stopped.

After the strong are dead take your time and get off a few head shots on those left. Try and get them right in the eye, or nose, hell have fun and enjoy it. If you are going to do a mass murder go for a record, kill everyone you see. Don’t let anyone get away. Now for a few last minute tips on a mass killing. Take lots of ammo, but not to much you can’t carry it. You don’t want to weight yourself down and you don’t want to run out of bullets either. Make sure you don’t leave fingerprints of the shells of anything to connect you to the killings if you want any hope of getting away.

Take two guns in case one happens to jam you have a backup. Take some time and practice loading clips and changing clips so you can do it as fast as possible. If you plan on doing some sniper killings you should select a gun you are used to.

I hope this file has helped give you a few ideas on how to go about killing another person. I didn’t get into details because i could have written a book on the subject. From poisoning to using your hands there are millions of ways to actually kill somone. What i hoped to do was bring you a few ideas you might not have thought about. Remember to use common sense and be very careful and take your time planning, unless you want to find yourself in jail.

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