World Citizenship in the United Nations: New World Order

Sunday, July 30th, 2017



Ret. Col. Roberts

To fully understand the planning behind the United Nations prior to 1945, we should look more closely at the FREE WORLD ASSOCIATION, which had such close ties to our own State Department. The organization, through its publication, FREE WORLD, made no effort to hide the fact that they were planning a world organization, with powers to enforce international decrees, and that the sovereignty of nations could no longer be allowed to stand in the way of this lofty goal.

One of those most active in the FREE WORLD ASSOCIATION was Carlo Emanuel a Prato, who was a member of the International Editorial Board of FREE WORLD. For background on Mr. Prato, we quote from the Congressional Record, July 11, 1950, P.A5016: “Associated in the OWI Division under the control of Alan Cranston was an alleged Italian Communist, Carlo Emanuel a Prato, who had been expelled from Switzerland as a Soviet agent, entered the United States on a Czech passport issued to Milan Janota.”

An ad in FREE WORLD, August 1945, made the following statement: “This month marks the FREE WORLD’S fourth anniversary. Its first objective – a charter for world organization – is realized. Now we move on toward broader world democracy.”

The objectives of the FREE WORLD ORGANIZATION was set out as early as October 1942, in its publication: “The creation of the machinery for a world government in which the United Nations will serve as a nucleus is a necessary task of the present in order to prepare in time the foundations for a future world order.”

Following the formation of the United Nations, and continuing right up until today, numerous ultra liberal and ‘left’ organizations have been organized around the promotion and defense of the United Nations.

One of the earliest of these was UNITED WORLD FEDERALISTS, formed on February 22, 1947, by merger of several other organizations interested in world government.

These merged groups were AMERICANS UNITED FOR WORLD GOVERNMENT; WORLD FEDERALISTS; MASSACHUSETTS COMMITTEE FOR WORLD FEDERATION; STUDENT FEDERALISTS; WORLD CITIZENS OF GEORGIA, and WORLD REPUBLIC. (N.Y. Times, February 23, 1947, P.25) Their statement quoted at that time included the following: “….. World peace can be created and maintained only under world law, universal and strong enough to prevent armed conflict between nations…. Therefore, while endorsing the efforts of the United Nations to bring about a world community favorable to peace, we will work primarily to strengthen the United Nations into a world government of limited powers adequate to prevent a war and having direct jurisdiction over the individual.”

The frankness with which the proponents of one-world government discussed their plans, alarmed many Americans who objected to surrendering our sovereignty, and even the basic right to defend ourselves. In 1953 the move was made by the UN forces when the WORLD FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONFERENCE met in Copenhagen, and recommended a revision of the UN Charter to provide for the following:

1. That the United Nations be made into a World Federal Government.

2. That there must be universal membership.

3. No right of secession.

4. Complete simultaneous disarmament, enforced by UN inspection and UN police powers.

5. International courts, world legislature, world executive Council be established.

6. World citizenship through UN Membership, with world law applicable to individuals. These proposals, if adopted, would have removed all traces of national sovereignty and, by definition, the sovereignty of member States.

Implicit with this proposal was the power of taxation of the individual by a world legislature dominated by have-not nations envious of the great wealth and industry of the United States, where resides only six percent of the world population, but which controls half the world wealth and production capacity.

EXTRACT, “United Nations Threat to Sovereignty”, a Study and Commentary by the Alabama Commission to Preserve the Peace. Submitted to the Alabama Legislature, August 1967.

Study undertaken following a 1966 address before a joint session of the Alabama State Legislature by Archibald E. Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, Director, Committee to Restore the Constitution, Fort Collins, Colorado.

FREE: Full text “United Nations Threat to Sovereignty”. Send self-addressed, stamped #10 (business) envelope.

Archibald E. Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, Director


Post Office Box 986 Fort Collins, Colorado USA 80522

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