Vaporwave Review: Wedding suite by Wonder Cruises

Wedding suite

by Wonder Cruises

Wedding Suite by Wonder Cruise is an 80s nostalgia base vaporwave album released by Cityman Productions on June 28th, 2019. In this album you should expect to be engaged in a luxury vibes mindset throughout the album. Also you will hear little snippets to keep you engaged in the mood of nostalgia. 

However the little snippets do sound like it was sampled much earlier than the 80s because the people  sound like they have transatlantic accents but don’t let that discourage you because the tracks really keeps your blood pumping. 

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Vaporwave Review: Reincarnated Resurrection by キラヨシ

Album: Reincarnated Resurrection

Artist: キラヨシ

Today im going to review Reincarnated Resurrection by キラヨシ it’s an interesting experimental electronic vaporwave album originally released on dj project on 31 August 2018, then later released on cassette and Minidisc by Section 9 on December 7th 2018. The album cover has a pretty business class aesthetic but I feel it represents more than that. You’ll see what I mean in the review.

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