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A Guide to Early 2000’s Internet Piracy

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

I’ve written this article after reading a few letter which show that some readers seem to know little about piracy on the Internet. I don’t know everything about piracy on the net, but I would go so far to say that I know a fair bit about it.

First off, piracy isn’t just a few guys who work at cinemas and software stores taking the odd film or game home and sharing it on their home FTP servers or KaZaA.

Piracy on the Internet, or “the warez scene” (as those into it like to call it) is surprisingly organized. Pirated software/games/movies/ anything are called warez and will referred to as that from now on.

The Piracy “Food Chain”

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The Check Game Scam

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

WHAT IS CHECK SYSTEMS AND TELECREDIT? ==========================================================

CheckSystems is the U.S. wide computer that all F.D.I.C. insured banks use to check you out before allowing you to open an account. The way you get in Check Systems is by fucking up your account by oweing money and never paying it and forcing them to close, or by EXCESSIVE (usualy more than 25) check bouncing activity. If you havent done any of this, youre not in C.S. and you can open an account anywhere.


1. You must PAY OFF the account you fucked up.

A> by going into the same bank and dealing with the manager directly. After you pay off your old account, it is with in the managers power to erase you from C.S. just like that, So flirting is a plus and having about a $1000 bucks or so right there to open a new account with him is a shoe in. Read the rest of this entry »

Guide to Steal From ATMs in The 1990s

Friday, June 2nd, 2017


NOTE: There has been a few files written about how to ‘RIP OFF’ ATM’s of  some sort but this file will not contain technical shit on the card tracks or a xxxyyyooo17ss type of format. This text will tell you how to rip off ATM’s without all of that technical stuff that you can’t really use because most of the stuff are too hard. So I give you methods on how you can defeat ATM’s with things you may or may not need to pay a-lot for! This file is real unlike a file I came across that a user uploaded on Blitzkrieg called KRAD#1 which I feel was written by 10year olds. That file is totally SHIT! Now there was a-lot of Valid writers on the subject of ATM’s but I feel they were on the subject of PINs & PANs which is very hard to do right. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Get a New Identity

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Author: Glitch

You might be saying, “Hey Glitch, what do I need a new identity for?” The answer is simple. You might want to go buy liquor somewhere, right? You might want to go give the cops the false name when you get busted so you keep your good name, eh? You might even want to use the new identity for getting a P.O. Box for carding. Sure! You might even want the stuff for renting yourself a VCR at some dickless loser of a convenience store. Here we go: Getting a new ID isn’t always easy, no one said it would be. By following these steps, any bozo can become a new bozo in a coupla weeks.

 STEP 1 The first step is to find out who exactly you’ll become. The most secure way is to use someone’s ID who doesn’t use it themselves. The people who fit that bill the best are dead. As an added bonus they don’t go complaining one bit. Go to the library and look through old death notices. You have to find someone who was born about the same time as you were, or better yet, a year or two older so you can buy booze, etc. You should go back as far as you can for the death because most states now cross index deaths to births so people can’t do this in the future. The cutoff date in Wisconsin is 1979, folks in this grand state gotta look in 1978 or earlier. Anything earlier there is cool. Now, this is the hardest part if you’re younger. Read the rest of this entry »

Guide to Making Money Scamming Told by Prisoners

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

      America is the land of opportunity – everyone knows that. Unfortunately, for a growing number of Americans, it is also the land of swindles, scams, cons and frauds. According to a recent Louis Harris Poll, 9 out of 10 Americans are hit by scammers each year. We are all susceptible to scams. This is the reason for publishing ScamNews, an informative, entertaining newsletter designed to show you how these fraudulent activities are perpetrated on the public. The material we have chosen to use comes from many sources, including the following:

. Real con artists, men and women, who reveal the secrets behind their plans to relieve you of your money and otherassets.

. Criminals in prison. We talk to people behind bars who tell of scams and fraud that led to their prison time. Some of their scams are old, some are as recent as the 6 o’clock news.

. Prosecutors, police, judges and attorneys.

We describe law citings from cases of scammers caught in the act. They give descriptions of the crimes, sentences received, and potential profit as well as potential loss to the victims. The final two sections will come from the readers. Business Scams will be from people who have been encouraged to swindle consumers as part of their job ‘duties’. While many of these practices are borderline legal, the majority are not. As one business owner put it bluntly, “Every dollar out of your pocket is a dollar in mine.” Reader Stories is as the name implies. Material is supplied by the average consumer and/or swindler. We encourage readers who have been victimized by scams and con- artists to write their own stories and submit them. While it probably won’t get you your money back, it may help save someone else from being conned. ScamNews is especially interested in getting stories from people who have committed cons. After all, that is where it begins.

We realize, of course, that not everyone who has pulled off a scam is a career shyster. Some do it out of financial need and it’s a one-time shot, others are inadvertently conned into helping a pro do his thing. These stories are written and edited for our readers’ protection. Names are never used except with the subject’s permission or in cases that have been resolved in the courts. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing The Best Girl to Eat (With Recipes!)

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

Everything contained within this website is strictly provided for entertainment purposes only.


The website owner does not support ANY information posted on this website.

Nothing contained within this site should be construed as legal, medical, or any other professional advice, on any subject matter. does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from accident, negligence, or any other cause. You are taking full responsibility for your actions.  A visitor to this site uses the site at his or her own risk.

 Now that you read that disclaimer to save my ass, lets get right to it.

Now Choosing the best girls for your larder is a rather complicated matter. First you must decide what recipe the girl will be used for, then the choices can be narrowed. Then you must prepare the body based on the use to be made of the meat. Different recipes and different cooking methods determine the age, size, and preparation method.

I know most of you were told not to play with your food, but girlmeat is an exception to that rule. Before butchering, you should put her to good use. Sucking your cock is always great, but fucking her and then stuffing her cunt with your cum still inside her provides an interesting flavor addition to the stuffing mix.

Also a well used cunt will be more muscular and therefore more meaty.

The best girls are between 14 and 20 years of age, with proportionately developed bodies. They should be neither fat nor skinny, except in special cases.

Breast sizes should be moderate. Breasts that are too large or that have been lactating will have large milk duct glands and a fair amount of fatty tissue and will not be the best tasting.

Ideally breasts should be firm, with moderate sized nipples, and well rounded. Some people like puffy nipples if the girls is to be barbecued as these larger nipples can be sliced off early in the cooking process so that the girl can watch you eat her while she’s still alive. Although somewhat tough and fatty these nipples are tasty when eaten rare,
dripping with barbecue sauce.

The following recipes require the girls as indicated, although all girls can used for almost any recipe:

Recipe & Preferred Girl

Liver served rare or fried with onions Young – 14 to 16, not thin but not fat

Heart served rare or Young – 14 to 16, not thin but not fat sautéed in sauces about 5-10 lbs overweight maximum

Chopped Heart or Liver 18 -20 years old, athletic body
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Step-by-Step on How to Eat Human Flesh

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

by Bob Arson

This is a step-by-step guide on how to break down the human body from the full figure into serviceable choice cuts of meat. As in any field, there are a number of methods to the practice, and you may wish to view this as a set of suggestions rather than concrete rules.

You will notice that the carving of the larger or “commercial” cuts down into smaller specific or “retail” cuts will be only mentioned in passing, and not concentrated upon. Also, the use of human fat and viscera is generally avoided, and left only to the most experimental chef.

These choices, along with recipes and serving suggestions, are nearly infinite in variety, and we leave them to you. We’ve found these guidelines to be simple and functional, but recognize that there is always room for improvement and we welcome your suggestions.

Before getting to the main task, it must be mentioned that the complete rendering of the human carcass requires a fairly large amount of time, effort, and space. If the consumer does not wish to go through the ordeal of processing and storing the bulk of the entire animal, an easy alternative is as follows.

Simply saw through one or both legs at the points directly below the groin and a few inches above the knee. Once skinned, these portions may then be cut into round steaks of the carver’s preferred thickness, cut into fillets, deboned for a roast, etc. Meat for several meals is thus readily obtained without the need for gutting and the complexities of preparing the entire form.

The human being (also referred to throughout culinary history as “long pig” and “hairless goat” in the case of younger specimens) is not generally thought of as a staple food source.

Observing the anatomy and skeleton, one can see that the animal is neither built nor bred for its meat, and as such will not provide nearly as much flesh as a pig or cow (for example, an average 1000 pound steer breaks down to provide 432 pounds of saleable beef).

The large central pelvis and broad shoulder blades also interfere with achieving perfect cuts. There are advantages to this however, especially due to the fact that the typical specimen will weigh between 100-200 pounds, easily manipulated by one person with sufficient leverage. Read the rest of this entry »

Bill Zeller’s Suicide Note

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

NOTE FROM SITE OWNER AKA Illuminati Pirate: This is really powerful, words cannot explain how this has touched me. This man’s pain is unconceivable to me and I can only imagine how unbearable his life was. For this man to have been repeatedly sexually assaulted as a kid and into adulthood, it’s is really something that never leaves a person. This note is intense.

Bill Zeller’s Suicide Note

I have the urge to declare my sanity and justify my actions, but I assume I’ll never be able to convince anyone that this was the right decision. Maybe it’s true that anyone who does this is insane by definition, but I can at least explain my reasoning. I considered not writing any of this because of how personal it is, but I like tying up loose ends and don’t want people to wonder why I did this. Since I’ve never spoken to anyone about what happened to me, people would likely draw the wrong conclusions. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make Money Illegally Early 2000s Style

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017


1. Offer protection money to the weak people in your neighborhood/school.Its easy,and fun. If they get into a jam,or are just tired of gettin their ass kicked everyday,lend them a “helping” hand.Ask for at least $20 for protection each week and if you arnt a good fighter or just dont wanna waste your strength,pay the dude who kicks his ass $5 to leave him alone so you get $15 for doing nothing!I dont do this cuz i love to fight and i get more money. Keep giving out protection and keep rakeing in cash.

2. Blackmail..ahhh a classic.A pretty good way to earn cash.Bug their house(put these under beds,tables,desks,etc.),hack into their computer,etc.Or just threaten to kick their best freinds ass if they dont tell you some real embarrasing things about our little victim.Then ask for a decent amount of cash that they can actually get and threaten to tell everyone about their little secrets if they tell anyone about the shit you did.Use your imagination to figure out ways to find shit out about your victim. Read the rest of this entry »

Wildman’s Complete Guide to Assassinations

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Greets all, with yet another k00l k-rad WildPhile! ‘Lo to the boyz in RI at the Cellar, which is the main distro site for the non-internetted world. If you would like to receive the complete WildPhile collection through the Internet, get me your address. Getting up there in the numbers and running out of topics, some works in progress are The Complete Guide To Drugs & Illicit Substances and plans for your own still (Producing commercial grade shine, not SHIT!) (Thanks to Runaway Train for the idea) And also coming out as a tribute to a guy that tried to kill himself and is now a veggie, WildMan’s Complete Guide to Extortion! These should be out Mid-Julyish, depending on my social schedule.  By all means people, distribute these tfiles to the ends of the earth as tfiles are our only legacy on this planet, as our phreak careers are of finite lengths.

Anyhow, down to business. This is mearly a product of my fucked up warped demented drug-influced burned out creative mind.

I don’t actually recommend that you do any of these horrible despicable acts against humanity. But, then again, like the book says, you never know when you’ll have to know how to blow up a tank — In WWIII whos side do you want ME on?? Heh Read the rest of this entry »

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