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The Phishing Guide: Cross-site Scripting Attacks & Hidden Attacks

Friday, June 30th, 2017
Cross-site scripting attacks (commonly referred to as CSS or XSS) make use of custom URL or code injection into a valid web-based application URL or imbedded data field. In general, these CSS techniques are the result of poor web-application development processes.

While there are numerous vectors for carrying out a CSS attack, Phishers must make use of URL formatted attacks. Typical formats for CSS injection into valid URL’s include:

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.Onion Site: Drug Market

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
The Drug Market is an easily accessible site on the darknet. Although I have never brought fro this site or from any site MR. FBI but they do have pretty good reviews on them.

As of writing this here are the categories of various drugs  and stimulants that they have.

Cannabis 579

  • Concentrates 44
  • Edibles 26
  • Hash 172
  • Pre-rolled 4
  • Seeds 19
  • Synthetic 162
  • Topicals 1
  • Trim 2
  • Weed 149

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Before Sundown by Water Front Dining

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
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Phreaking Dictionary: What is Phreaking

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

/-/ Phreak Dictionary /-/

From The InFECTion Cook Book

Here you will find some of the basic but necessary terms that should be known by any phreak who wants to be respected at all.

Phreak : 1. The action of using mischevious and mostly illegal ways in order to not pay for some sort of tele- communications bill, order, transfer, or other service. It often involves usage of highly illegal boxes and machines in order to defeat the security that is set up to avoid this sort of happening. [fr’eaking]. v.

2. A person who uses the above methods of destruction and chaos in order to make a better life for all. A true phreaker will not not go against his fellows or narc on people who have ragged on him or do anything termed to be dishonorable to phreaks. [fr’eek]. n.

3. A certain code or dialup useful in the action of being a phreak. (Example: “I hacked a new metro phreak last night.”)

Switching System: 1. There are 3 main switching systems currently employed in the US, and a few other systems will be mentioned as background. Read the rest of this entry »

The 1990s Guide to Robbing Banks

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Well, now. You say that you want to go and rob a bank, eh? You say that you need easy money, eh? This entertaining little text file will give you information and tips about how to easily rob a bank, and get away with it.

First off, you’ll need a bank(obviously). Well, I would suggest something famous, like Wells Fargo, or Bank of the West. At least you’re certain you’ll get in the newspaper. For about four weeks, stake out the place, without attracting attention to yourself. In other words, don’t open an account there. Next, you’ll need a gun. I would hardly recommend a small pistol, or a shotgun. Machine guns and armed missiles are not recommended, as they usually end up making up quite a mess. (Remember, if you ARE caught, you don’t want a vandlism count, do you?) Read the rest of this entry »

Art of Hunting People at Night

Saturday, June 24th, 2017



Sinister X, Agent Cyclone, Drug Lord

First off i would like to welcome you to another file by Ultra. We only have three members currently and we are working hard to bring you original files to expand your knowledge on certain subjects. This file is some basic things you can do to enjoy life more. Just use your common sense to apply what you see here to real life.

Killing ——-

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Infomercial – Grand Opening Luxury Cassette

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017
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The Phishing Guide: URL Obfuscation Attacks

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
The secret for many phishing attacks is to get the message recipient to follow a hyperlink (URL) to the attacker’s server, without them realising that they have been duped.

Unfortunately phishers have access to an increasingly large arsenal of methods for obfuscating the final destination of the customer’s web request.

The most common methods of URL obfuscation include:

• Bad domain names

• Friendly login URL’s

• Third-party shortened URL’s

• Host name obfuscation

• URL obfuscation

Bad Domain Names

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How To’s: Complaint Letter Scam

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
Below is a post from Undesirable.Info it is an experiment I did on complaint letters. I have just finished my complaint letter, it is directed at Heineken, below you can read my letter. Offcourse I wrote the original one in Dutch for obvious reasons:

From: Your name

Your street

Your town

To: Heineken complaint department

Dear Sir/Madam,

When on friday afternoon August the 1st, I was in my garden about to relax with a Heineken beer but after a few nips of my beer I felt something “weird” in my mouth, luckily I hadn’t swallowed it yet so I spit it out. To my horror I saw it was a piece of glass! This piece of glass didn’t belong to the bottle I was drinking from since that bottle was completely intact. I have a photo of the piece of glass as proof:

I have also taken a picture of the back of the beer bottle containing information that could be usefull to you:

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Internet Club – Redefining The WorkPlace

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
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